A Good Place to Start

By Kenny Roda

Kudos to Cavs G.M. Chris Grant for engineering the Baron Davis trade and to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert for putting his money where his mouth is.  Forget Davis, this trade was all about getting better for the future.

I’m still not sure the Cavs will win a title before the Miami Heat will like Gilbert predicted, but at least Gilbert is willing to do whatever it takes, in this case deficit spending, by taking on about $12 million dollars of Davis’s contract to acquire another lottery pick.  This is the type of risk an organization like the Cavs had to take.  Your best bet to rebuild this team is through the draft and preferably through the draft lottery where the best college players are available.  The Cavs will have 2 of the top 13 picks in the 2011 NBA Draft and 3 of the top 32 picks.

Now that he’s made a solid trade, it’s up to Grant, the 1st year G.M.,  to use these picks wisely and procure the best talent that’s available.  The Cavs aren’t guaranteed the #1 pick, but obviously increase their chances if they maintain the worst record in the league and the Clippers continue to lose as well.  That’s now twice as many Ping Pong Balls in the Hopper and that’s a good thing for the future of the Cavs.

Now show us you can evaluate talent Chris Grant and start moving this organization in the right direction.



  1. Good work on part of Cleveland front office for sure. Another top 10 pick potentially is great even in a bad draft year. Maybe not a franchise player this year but you can definitely find some high impact role players that will be useful down the line somewhere. Clippers do it again IMO.

  2. I did not have any confidence in Chris Grant this move has given me hope that he can get the job done as the Cavs GM. It is only one trade and he will need to do much more but it is a great start. Now he needs to complete this trade by selecting the right players with these two picks. I would love nothing more then to come out of this draft with Irving and Derrick Williams.

    I think the Cavs should take a chance on getting Oden if he is available in free agency this offseason.

    Jamison has been very good all season and this will only help his trade value next season when his contract will be looked at as an asset instead of a anchor in this up and coming offseason.

  3. Just say no to Oden. I know Ohio fans love him b/c he played at tOSU but a rebuilding team cannot take a chance of an oft-injured player. The guy has had microfracture surgery on both knees plus a fractured patella, something tells me his knees are not built for 82 games a season. He doesn’t have the quickness to run in Scott’s system. He’s very mechanical in the low post and seems confused when defenses throw different looks at him. It’s not college where he could dominate smaller opponents. He has problems defending the P&R, he has problems moving his feet when opposing C w/ multiple offensive moves play him nad he winds up in foul trouble too much.
    He’s not the same player he was in college due to injuries and better competition in the pros.

  4. 2 bigs for a # 2 pick. Erdin may turn out OK. With no clear cut # 1 in the draft do we
    want to pay # 1 slot money to what could be a coin flip situation ?

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