Athletes That Still Cares?

By Je’Rod Cherry

Last week Kendrick Perkins was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Oklahoma Thunder. The trade was a complete shock to sports pundits locally and nationally.  However, what was not covered enough was the fact that this man-child literally cried because he was leaving the Celtics.   And it was not like he was leaving the Celtics to join a non-contender like the Cavaliers.

I also found it very interesting that his former Celtics teammates went out and laid an egg by loosing to a depleted Denver Nuggets team that lost via trade two of their best players: Chauncy Billups and Carmelo Anthony.  Considering how much we hear about the “me first, team second” attitude in today’s sports, the Celtics response gives me hope for tomorrow that all star athletes are not self absorbed pompous you-know-whats!

On the flip side, the trade of Perkins and the Celtics visible response illustrates why we see players like LeBron and Carmello, that are in a position to take control of their own destiny, do so without consideration for others involved.  As a Cleveland Sports fan, think back on how you felt when the Browns moved or how you were floored by the “Decision” and you will understand how Perkins felt by having the rug completely pull from under him by Boston’s management.  And if you need another athlete’s perspective, ask Bernie how he felt when the Browns let him go under the direction of Belichick.

The next time a high profile athlete leaves a team, what the Celtics management did to Kendrick Perkins will be in the forefront of his or her mind. Players distrust management and episodes like this one -with the Celtics Management and Perkins – will reinforce that distrust. Yet, my hat goes off to Perkins for being transparent and a showing a skeptical public that there is still a pro athlete out there that cares where he plays and what that represents.


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