The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Have you ever been HUNGRY, I mean “HON-GRY” (LOL) and all you can think about is food, LOTS of food?  Let’s look at the BROWNS as HUNGRY MEN and indeed, the NFL Draft Buffet is coming and there will be plenty of PRIME BEEF to consume!  Cuts of meat NOT NAMED New York Strip, Rib eye, Fillet or Prime, but named:

* Fairly

* Peterson

* Quinn

* Darius

* Watt

* Green

* Jones and more!

YES…the Browns and the fans will be fed with this draft!  What “cut” do the BROWNS TAKE?  With all of our needs, THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE and please, a HOME RUN HITTER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A WR!  I am getting little clues and I feel our new Head Coach WANTS SOMEONE IN THE DRAFT TO MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR QB’S…NOT A DB BUT SOMEONE WHO CAN PUT PRESSURE ON THE QB FROM THE TRENCHES!

Quick Tribe/MLB notes:

* Do NOT worry about Choo’s left elbow – he will be fine!

* GREAT tribute to Rapid Robert Feller at the Goodyear Ballpark!

* Duke Snider called home at the age of 84!  Yes, Willie, Mickey and the Duke!  TRULY, one of the “Boys of Summer” AND YES, I DID SEE A DEAD HEAD STICKER ON A CADILLAC!


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