The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

A few thoughts as I get ready to head to the Q and watch a HALF of Cavs-Hornets!  IF you see me there after the first half, remind me to leave!  3a comes early on Monday…heck, any day!

A few thoughts…

* I should care less, but I hope LeBron is happy.  He quickly has become one of the most hated, laughed at, fool hearty, scorned pro athletes in the world.  This NOT JUST FROM C TOWN but the disdain is evident EVERY WHERE HE GOES!

* Also, hearing him speak is a joke!  NO CRED as a human being or NBA player!  Reminds of me Sarah Palin talking – who pay her or LeBron any heed?  I know she ran for VP, but us Dems actually nominated Dukakis at one time!  NO CRED!  LeBron – see this…you have NO CRED…only CRUD!

* Speaking of cred…I love opinions, but I must note AGAIN that blogging, posts, etc have become the fall of the Roman Empire for civility!  Want me to pay attention to what you are saying…GET PAID TO DO IT!

* When I was watching Baron Davis Friday I forgot what it was like to watch the NBA elite in Wine and Gold!  YES, healthy he is an ELITE player and so much fun to watch!  How cool is this? He flew in from LA alone, got his OWN bags from the luggage carousel and found his way to his limo on his own!  No “Four Horseman” to guide him?

* SI ran the story on college athlete felons, those arrested. Let’s try this – and YES, they are wrong but – let’s look at college coaches (hoops, football) for DUI’s and domestic abuse!

* Does it bother you when you see Rick Pitino?  YUP, he said that the incident of him nailin’ a woman in a restaurant after hours has put his family through “hell.” Hmmm…did she “do herself?”

Enjoy every sandwich,

Adios Amigos,



1 Comment

  1. Baron Davis is a true pro who is not intimidated by the big guns in the NBA. You can see it when he walks on the floor. He has handled himself with class but may want to be back in LA eventually which is fine. There is no hidden agenda or ego like Laboob.
    Pitino is a creep. Plain and simple. Reminds me of John Edwards.

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