Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

By: Greg Brinda

Jim Tressel screwed up. Period!

He is paying the price and when the NCAA gets done with him and the school, the price will be higher.

So be it!

He’s an adult. He’s a coach. He should know the rules. No excuses. Trying to protect the kids is noble but very short sighted. Somebody other than him should have been told of the situation. Tressel knows better and for whatever reason he made up in his own mind, and it was the wrong one.

His image is forever tarnished. I think he knows that. The school knows that.

But Tressel is still an honorable man and a very good coach and THE OHIO STATE is in a better place with him than without him.

Tressel has learned a valuable lesson. It’s a lesson that will stay with him forever.

So let’s move on.

And by the way if OSU needs someone to coach the first two games next season, I’m available.


1 Comment

  1. Life is not fair sometimes. Like a person who eats bacon 6X a week and has a cholesterol level of 160 ! Agreed, move on ! Mr. Newton, Cam’s father just exhaled, as did the U of Oregon football team and Lane Kiffin at USC.

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