Take A Look In The Mirror

By: Emmett Golden

Tuesday night I watched a man with tremendous pride, stand up in front of the media and admit he had done something wrong. To me, there is no bigger measure of a man than when he has to face the music. We’ve seen many people handle this in different ways.

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

Some people place the blame on others, some say they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, and others flat out deny the accusations and dare you to prove it. Jim Tressel said he was wrong. His reason for holding back the information was that, in the email he received, it stated there were confidentiality issues involved with the players in an ongoing federal investigation.

I listened to callers, I listened to LeCharles, Jerod, Hammer, and Roda. Then I asked myself…Would I want my sons to play for Jim Tressel?  The answer is YES!

I don’t feel this way because I’m an OSU fan. I feel this way because I’ve known a few men in my life that I’ve had a great deal of respect for. Sometimes those guys did what they thought was best whether or not it was what the “rule book” said to do.

It’s very easy to scold someone when they do wrong. It’s also easy to portray the image that you would have done differently. Ask yourself, have I ever driven over the speed limit? Have I ever cheated on my taxes? Have I ever cheated on my wife?  Let me guess….every person that is reading this has NEVER done anything wrong. Just be real with yourself. Nobody is perfect.

If my children were lucky enough to play any sport at a major university, I would want them to play for a man who had dignity and could help them make the tough decision when it seems like there is no right answer. I see that in Jim Tressel.

Tressel has to win ball games to keep his job, but he has also helped many boys become men. In a world where some fathers don’t take the time to care for or even see their children, men like Jim Tressel should have our respect.

To all the people asking for his head: look in the mirror. If you can look at yourself and say you have never done anything wrong then I guess you are BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.

There you go! Enjoy your perfect life!



  1. Wow. I’m sorry, this is a ridiculous argument. He is above reproach because he came out and offered some weak excuses once he was caught? Whether or not everyone else is perfect or not is irrelevant to whether Tressel should be punished.

    For the record, I’m not calling for his head. But to suggest he didn’t commit a major rule violation–and couldn’t have not known it, with all his experience, is beyond belief.

  2. No one is saying he should not be punished. Funny how people gather rocks on ASH WEDNESDAY an revel in anything bad that happens to OSU (Hammer). It is a rule. Give him consequences. Fine. But a feeding frenzy is not as necessary when kids sell what is their possessions for tattoos. I would look to eliminate and minimize the opportunities for slime balls like that to prey on kids. And they are kids. But, they know the rules coming in too. Pryor , Posey, et al should not be guaranteed anything moving forward and if they decide to go to the draft then go if it is not too late.

  3. I havent seen the whole controversey but am troubled that the apology only come “AFTER” the crime had been exposed. A short while ago the players were being raked over the coals for selling a few useless trinkets and were penalized pretty heavily. Now comes the well paid coach and he gets a slap on the wrist? I like Jim Tressell and he was a classmate and teamate at B-W back in the 70s…but fair is fair…and THIS AINT IT! To come come and confess AFTER you have been caught red-handed is NOT admirable in my estimation and I am still appalled that these multi-million dollar coaches seem to have little honor or integrity!!!

    • So what does “fair is fair” mean? I would let my son play for Jim Tressel any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. He wasn’t the one who created this mess – it was T. Pryor, et al. His mistake was covering for them. Jim Tressel didn’t sell anything, my friend. And now he’s taking his medicine. Do you think a monetary fine and an additional three game suspension could hurt any worse than standing in front of a crowd and admitting that he’s human?? If you want a pound of flesh, I’m sure he’s miserable right now.

  4. Tressel took one for the team. There was no drug use by players, no paying players, there was nothing outrageous to warrant the type of backlash he has received!

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