The Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Whew…I have a SCARLET AND GRAY sick to my stomach feeling and NO I do NOT feel better about last nights “presser” and NO, I do not believe Jim Tressel was protecting his players!  PROTECTING THEM FROM WHAT?  THEY WERE NOT INVOLVED IN THE DRUG ASPECT OF THIS, AND IF THEY WERE HE NEEDED TO GO TO THE AUTHORITIES ASAP!  Did they dupe him? I am certain once the emails started between individuals associated with the “Tat Parlor” owner (Rife) and Jim, he asked the players about this BUT if he believed them, why did he talk about withholding 2009 rings????

Jim also used INELIGIBLE PLAYERS in 2010 AND PLEASE, do not tell us you did not impress upon the kids enough what is right and wrong – you are enabling again!

Most of us said yesterday that “THIS COULD NOT HAPPEN…NO WAY…ONLY HERESAY and INNUENDO” BUT now that there are EMAILS MOST are making excuses for Jim!

He did wrong, He lied.  I am upset!  I KNOW…THERE IS GAMBLING GOING ON IN THE CASINO BUT TODAY, I FEEL LIKE THE Ohio State University is no better than:

The U (‘canes)!


U of M!


And in hoops:



YES, Jim is loyal but do not spin this – if he did NOTHING WRONG then OSU does not penalize him and the NCAA does not look into this.

I do know this – Dan Wetzel with Yahoo! has said “this still has legs” and he will pursue!  Wetzel was at the presser yesterday and slid out the back!  He is on this.

FYI – the TWO OSU players were Pryor and Posey!

What will the NCAA do? If they take away last years wins, who cares!  WE KNOW THE SCORES!  USC knows they won games and Reggie Bush KNOWS he was the Heisman winner!  Whew – we will know soon what the other penalties will be NOT FROM OSU!

DO NOT SPIN THIS – JT did wrong…he got caught!  SAD, DISAPPOINTED, and more emotions are raging in me.


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  1. Munch,
    Its your old pal Michael from Columbus. Now, even after over 30 years since I have been in Columbus you know I am not one who bleeds scarlet and gray. So I do feel I am speaking from an unbiased perception. An opinion from a fan of college football warts and all. I agree with much of what you say. I though think the man has to go. It would take pages to point out all that is wrong with the press conference last night and everything about the way this has been handled. Tressel even if canned will get other chances. But the cloud that will hang over this program because of this will have ramifications for years and years. I know that a modern day major college has to handle many competing interests and there are going to be times when one makes a mistake and should be allowed to have the chance to redeem oneself. In this situation, Tressel has an obligation to truth and integrity and he failed to meet that obligation miserably. So let the program clean house and move on from this and it will better serve all involved. With respect!

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