The True Motive

By Aaron Goldhammer

Once you get past all of the legalese, the federal drug investigation, the haters, and the lapdogs, at it’s core, Tressel-gate revolves around a question of morality that belongs in philosophy classrooms as well as sports-talk radio shows: When, if ever, is it acceptable to lie?

Before I address that fascinating question, let’s make something clear. This is not an argument about whether or not Tressel lied starting on April 2nd, 2010. Oh, he lied plenty. He lied to protect his players from drug dealers and NCAA compliance officers. He lied in a press conference. He lied his way to a Big 10 title and a Sugar Bowl victory. He may have even lied IN WRITING on documents pertaining to the original player suspensions.

Also, I don’t think I’m taking a big leap in thinking that Tressel lied about this kind of infraction long before the Tat-Five. Our LeCharles Bentley insinuated as much in his appearance on “The Really Big Show” this morning.

Only Tressel himself knows the true motive, but I think it’s safe to say that it is far more complicated than protecting his precious players from evil drug lords and murderers. In Nazi Germany, many courageous families housed Jewish families in secret to protect them from the concentration camps. We don’t consider these people liars. Instead, we call them heroes.

It doesn’t take a philosopher like Plato or Socrates to know that mentioning Tressel’s name with Oscar Schindler is completely ridiculous. In Schindler’s case, for example, his human core value to tell the truth was in direct conflict with his desire to help people in grave danger. While most Germans decided to be honest with Hitler rather than risk their own head, Schindler made the right moral choice. Protecting his countrymen from the gas chamber superseded Schindler’s obligation to the truth.

On the other hand, it’s a big stretch to think that Tressel’s biggest motive with the Tat-Five was to protect Pryor and company from criminals. Sure, it might have played into his decision to lie, but I’m not buying the concept that it factored more than his desire to win the Big 10 championship and the national title in football in 2010.

If Tressel was so committed to the protection of his players, why didn’t he tell the truth about the emails once the suspensions went public in December? I think I know why he continued with this ridiculous charade…and my guess is it has something to do with a giant Sugar Bowl trophy.




  1. Aaron,

    Was there a real need to bring up hiding Jews during the war. This is college football, he did wrong. The rules are old and need to be redone, but this is not in anyway to be spoken about with Nazi’s and the concentration camps!!!!!!!

    • Should we compare Goldhammer’s arrival to Cleveland as “the plague” ?

  2. Obviously there were wrong doings on Tressel’s part through this current situation. One of the biggest takeaways that I will have is the WAY that YOU handled it on the air, Aaron. I will remember the total ENJOYMENT YOU illustrated tearing OSU down. Don’t EVER wonder out loud on Rizzo’s show why you will NEVER be known as a Clevelander.

  3. Hammer does everything with predictable hate 100 % of the time. We are so blessed to have such a wise and insightful young man in our midst who knows not only sports, but life and things about your inner psyche that may not even occur to you ! Please, view it as a gift and an opportunity to take this wisdom and mold and improve yourself accordingly. He has not said one thing positive about OSU in 5 years so something was eventually going to stick to the wall after his poop flinging. And take this from a man who helps himself to goodies in the market but puts a price tag of 25 cents and up on items he helps himself to. And if caught or confronted, wellll, daddy is a darn good lawyer.

  4. Though shalt not steal does not mean “Though shalt not steal anything but items under 25cents”. Rationale comes in many forms when you want to bend the rules to suit your own weakness and frayed moral fabric. I think they call that….oh yes, a phoney !
    And to answer the first post. Kid will never be recognized as a Clevelander. Please !

  5. Who are you, and why are writing about my teams? Get the hell out of Ohio you idiot. I picture you typing this piece of garbage with one hand and pleasuring yourself with the other, all the while crying uncontrollably at your miserable existence.

    • Amen, Andrew!!

    • Does this mean he will not be getting a 5-Star rating ?

  6. Haha now this twerp is a “columnist” too. Stick to your day job as an awful radio personality.

  7. One of the funniest parts of all this was Goldie engaged in conversation with LeCharles Bentley. Aaron made a comment about being part of a team, which obviously was meant as a joke since the last time Goldie was on a team was 2nd grade, probably t-ball where he was picked last and still never made it off the bench. I am sure his father probably sued the city and/or league and he got one swing where he whiffed and made the last out mevery game. NOW, he hits from the LADIES tees and thinks it’s funny?!

    This could go on and on, but what is the point? Rizzo still needs to grow a pair and handle this disgrace to Cleveland radio. Stop complaing about some of his antics if you are just going to whine “Aaron” and not EVER do anyhting about it when he starts bashing OSU daily and hanging up on callers. Oh wait, now I know why Rizzo does nothing: Aaron says a few times a wek that Rizzo is his” best friend”. Well played Aaron…and just like in school, you were not beaten up if you did the bully’s homework, etc. Now it’s just SCREENING ALL of Rizzo’s twitter, e-mail, etc. Writing all the blogs…Rizzo has no time – he has Fox 8 to talk about…step it up Rizz!!!

    • Kid makes Gordon Gee and John Clayton look tough !

  8. When things go bad for Aaron he flies to Denver, mommie makes him some pudding and puts a compress on his head so he does not have a nose bleed and panic attack and gives him all the love and reassurance he needs before sending him back. Then he hits the office hoping for apologies and pats on the back while sniveling. Tressel did wrong. No one is making excuses or denying anything but if this whiney child dug as hard as to the players he has touched along the way, to a MAN, he might even find out there is way more good there. Insecure children revel when things go bad to other people and just love to lead the charge. Tressel has more character in his dingleberries than Hammer has in his scrawny body.

  9. It’s Socrates not Sophocles, you moron. Your hate of the Buckeyes makes any comments by you irrelevant. Coach Tressel has done wrong and will pay the price. When you make mistakes, all you dod is make excuses

    • Sophoclese owned the corner deli in that part of Ancient Greece Tony.

      • Funny how he snuck in to correct “Socrates” for “Sophocles”. Aaron is a real “Testicles”.

  10. Oskar Schindler ? Really Goldhammer..I can understand the admiration you have for him as a Jew.Let’s get something straight about Schindler, he was a nazi (in fact the only one ever buried in Israel) that played a big part in the invasion of Poland.I know he is thought of by you to be some sort of hero because of the 1000 Jews he saved during World War 2. I just don’t think the ancestor’s of the millions of people slaughtered by the nazi’s in Poland would agree with your admiration of this man.I guess what I’m trying to say is Schindler may have done alot of thing’s to make him a hero in YOUR eye’s ,but to many other’s he was a devil. I have no idea why you picked Schindler as a person to compare in the Tressel scandal all I can tell you is bthat in life one man’s hero may be another man’s zero. I’m a huge Ohio State fan who thinks Jim Tressel is a very good person on whole who made a very big mistake and should be held accountable for it no matter what the price. I know in my own life experiences alot of good people have lied,cheated and acted the ass to save their jobs,but I tend to judge a person on the whole not on a single event. I will end this by saying I will do everything I can to have you taken off the air in Cleveland not because I disagree with your opinions I’m just tired of the way you attack and degrade people on a very personal level. I have to say Goldhammer it shows a total lack of class and professionalism. Cleveland deserves better

  11. Take it from a liar

  12. I would love to know what story you read about Herstreits wife or kid’s being threatend. Let me tell you something you liar he never said any such thing if he did tell all of us in what publication you read this? Today on that rag of a show you are on you 3 liars said his kid’s were threatend,his wife was threatend while grocery shopping where did you clowns read this ? You are a poor excuse for a man who lie’s on the radio and degrades people based on ZERO facts. Aren’t you the piece of garbage that insulted a certain coach and wanted him “RUN OUT OF DENVER”. You two-faced hypocrite you make me sick. Tell Rzzo to grow a backbone and get your lying ass off the radio. You call Tressle the son of a female dog . You know the difference between Tressle and your Father..Tressle got fined 250 grand for being a liar yor Father on the other hand probally made 10x that much for being one.

  13. Can you believe we had the great Pete Franklin at one time and it sports radio has come down to Aaron Goldhammer. I was going to say “give that show up for Lent” but it is supposed to be something we enjoy. No offense to Rizz on that. Sorry Rizz you’re handcuffed.

    • Only in Cleveland would you find a “sports talk show” with a clown from Denver that was an second rate ice skater, who’s Mommy wouldn’t let him play football. Only in Cleveland would we be subjected to a “sports talk show” that spends more time talking about what type of cell phone you should buy then about sports. God knows I’m no fan of the Steelers or Pittsburgh, but I can’t imagine them putting up with this garbage on their air-waves. I love Rizzo’s other sidekick a kid from Cleveland that is a Laker fan who rag’s on Ohio State ,The Browns and everything Cleveland. It is time to get to the sponsors and put an end to this poor excuse for a “sports talk show”.

      • Don’t you love it when someone like Hammer says, “That guy has got to PROVE SOMETHING TO ME…”. Good Lord ! Fedor I like. His points are pretty strong but typical front running tendencies. He is pretty sharp though IMO. Zuppe is good. Hope he gets more of a chance like on Saturday AM when I am running around doing errands. Hammer makes me put on the home improvement show. Now he is armchair psychiatrist….hope it is a phase he will grow out of.

  14. The thing that bother’s me most about Goldhammer (besides the fact he’s a liar) is that he tries to be a “shock jock” on a sport’s talk show. The problem is the kid has no shock and he’s never worn a jock. When you think of Cleveland you think of a city of hard nosed people who have dealt with alot of adversity through the years and not just with it’s sports teams. I just can’t believe an ESPN station would put a silver spoon sissy on the air-waves (FROM DENVER)…it makes no sense.

    • Under the “guise” of keeping it real….All shock…no jock…yes !

  15. Unless you are talking about the sequined one ?

    • I have to ask a rational person a queastion . Do you think the press conference that Ohio State held with Tressle, Smith, and Gee would have gone 10x better if Tressle would have done it alone ? I have a feeling if Smith wasn’t there to stop Tressle from answering certain question’s we would know alot more and have a better understanding of what really happened and why. The one question that bothers me the most today is when Tressle was asked “did you send those emails to anyone” he started to answer and Smith cut him off. I wonder why???

  16. OMG!..I knew I wasnt alone in my sentiments regarding Goldhammer. This is not the only blog where Clevelanders, REAL Clevelanders are voicing their dissatisfaction with this PISS ANT Goldhammer. Someone, beside Goldhammer, should be FIRED for having this whiney voiced, figure skating, arrogant, pompous ASS, egocentrical, “mommy they took my lunch money…AGAIN” , JACKASS on Cleveland airways!! It is an absolute insult for Goldhammer to represent OUR city nationaly on ESPN. There are far more DESERVING, get that, DESERVING personalities who truly represent the market they SERVE, get that Aaron, SERVE on KNR that should have that HONOR, and it is an HONOR and not a birth right! Someone needs to get it right and correct this travesty! This whole thing of hanging up on callers who one, likes The Ohio State Buckeyes, and two, has an opinion that differs from his, which is everyone with testicles is an insult. Having the false sense of security of being on the airways has replaced the missing testosterone in this dweebs miserable existence!
    GET HIM THE F_ _ _K OUTTA HERE!!!!!!! We deserve better!

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