You and I Don’t Matter

By Kenny Roda

Was Jim Tressel wrong in how he handled the information he received in an e-mail about two of his players being involved in some wrong doing with a person who was being investigated for drug trafficking? Yes he was.  Do I think he did so because all he cared about was winning football games? No I don’t. I think he was truly concerned for the player’s safety. But it doesn’t matter what I believe, it matters what the NCAA believes when they interview Tressel themselves and hear his story.

Ohio State has handed down its self-imposed sanctions of a 2-game suspension and a $250,000 fine. Will that be to the NCAA’s liking?  Probably not.  My guess is the suspension will be increased; Ohio State will lose some scholarships and could have to vacate some of, if not all of their victories from the 2010 season.  That would be harsh punishment for O.S.U., but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

It all comes down to, not what I think, or what you think, but what the NCAA thinks. Do they think Tressel was being selfish for football reasons only? Or do they think he truly was doing what he thought was best for the safety of his players, who were in some way involved in an ongoing federal drug trafficking investigation? Stay tuned; this story is far from over!



  1. Kenny – Lots of stones are being cast here. What is the offense ? Dumb kids selling their own belongings for tattoos. It is a right that any one of us has but it is an NCAA violation, and to me not a real moral issue. Tress withheld info. And that will earn him consequences. And Cam Newton and dad, Reggie Bush, U of Oregon and breathing easy because heat is not on them as much. And the next violator will take heat off Tress. And a lot of D-1 squeaky clean programs are laying awfully low !

  2. The bigger issue when all this was brought to light in Dec was what these kids sold. Not just the jersey’s, shoes, but the items that represent what they’ve accomplished as indivduals and w/ their teammates. Selling B10 championship rings? The gold pant medallions? That is a tradition that dates back to the 30’s for beating U of M and that Buckeye players take pride in. For these kids to sell off this stuff is a slap in the face to all those players before them who took pride in their accomplishments as well as the tOSU fans who hold these traditions to heart. It’s a slap to the players from the Cooper era who never beat Uof M, what they wouldn’t do to have at least one medallion. The universsity should have suspended them for the infraction way before the NCAA was involved. If Woody was in charge and this happened, none of those kids would have ever worn a Buckeye jersey again. All for some tattoos

  3. Scott – I agree but that is not the most damaging thing. It is stupid and desperate to sell that stuff and a disregard for tradition but not a moral issue. The biggest thing is parents and recruits changing their image of Tress. Although I still put him up with most character wise. Heck, guys like Lane Kiffin come out smelling like a rose.

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