Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

A couple of thoughts for ya’ C TOWN as the weekend is here and we ALL washed up, punched out and put the wraps on another week!

* MAC Madness tonight at the Q, after the women rocked the house this afternoon!  I want to see YOU there!

Akron and Kent State will battle once again

* Game thoughts – Akron MUST be motivated after getting spanked by KSU just 8 days ago!  Think how heavy this is – FINALITY to enacted on Seniors for each squad.  Might be NIT or CBI involved BUT truly, I GOTTA see the SENIORS ESPECIALLY leave it all on the court tonight!

* In High School Hoops who other than “OUR BIG MAN JASON GIBBS” thought Berea and Lorain would still be standing!  MIDVIEW will truly be a special place tonight.

* Many are stopping me on the street about Jim Tressel, grasping at straws to stick up for the coach.  I understand – he’s a Brother or to many a FATHER and we would try any rationale to free our thought process from “darning him” but bottom line…he IS a good man, he MADE horrific decisions.  Step away and you will see why condemnation exists!  Even IF he did what he did to protect the players, HE USED INELIGIBLE PLAYERS AND KNEW IT AND LIED ABOUT IT!

* One of my Brothers stopped me Friday on my way back into the Galleria from doing the women’s Eastern M – Toledo game and said “Munch, what if there is a 25% chance Jim helped protect the kids, is it ok?”  Sadly I say NO…as he put them in harms way more – so he is really in hot water – by allowing them to keep going back to the Tat Shop!

What side am I am in the NFL Labor dispute?  The more I think about it, the more I know I AM ON THE FANS SIDE!  FIX IT!  PLAY!  Decertify, sue, litigate, talk, mediate – rap on Brothers, rap on…but FIX IT or simply GO AWAY!  That’s right!  CEASE TO EXIST…and go to heck while you are at it!

See YOU at the Q tonight!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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