I Don’t Care

By Kenny Roda

Here are my thoughts on the National Football League and the Players Association who are now in a lockout. WHO CARES!  If you two idiots can’t figure this thing out so you both can continue to get rich, then you deserve each other doing nothing and making no money.  Sure I’ll miss it somewhat, especially fantasy football, but as Greg Brinda pointed out the other day, we hear in Cleveland went 3 years without NFL football and we survived and managed some how, some way to still live our lives.  So when you guys figure it out, let me know.  Until then, who cares about you greedy billionaires and millionaires.  Bring on the Madness of March and what the heck, bring on the TRIBE!

Yeah I said it, bring on the Tribe!




  1. Apathy at this point Kenny. This “can’t do without us” attitude turned me off on the NBA and have not been to a game since. Baseball would be the last sport I would give up but there is at least college football.

    • Crickets don’t buy tickets.. (or $8.00 beers). So you can only hope that this will be what the players and the owners hear when they step back on the field instead of 60K screaming fans. I think they forgot who is really writing their paychecks..

      Go Tribe!..

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