Start the Party

By Michael Reghi

As we begin the three-week ride to Houston, and another National Champion crowned, let me get to some housekeeping issues first.

1. It is now absolutely time for ‘basketball people’ to comprise a portion of the NCAA selection committee, if not a large percentage of.

The mixed messages, and inconsistencies sent, disguised as ‘reasoning’ on Sunday were inexplicable! As someone close to the college sport, calling many games from various conferences on tv throughout the season, it is appalling to see so many mistakes being made by the committee, many of whom just don’t have basketball backgrounds. You can’t tell me the Colorado’s and Virginia Tech’s of the world don’t have a right to be not only disappointed, yet disgusted, over being left out. And you thought going to 68 teams would make it an easier job for the committee to get right. They’ve succeeded at making it worse!

2. While the MAC Tournament windup Saturday night was exciting, stellar play, with superb moments were not included. Let’s hope the coaches are able to attract some ‘above the rim’ talents to the programs in the years to come. Elite players have a way of recruiting others of their ilk to follow. No reason why 3-4 MAC squads can’t produce NBA type players each season. A 20-21 RPI this season for the league? Can’t keep happening. Congrats to Keith Dambrot and his Akron Zips who define ‘veteran resiliency’! They wanted it desperately. Feel for Geno Ford and Kent State, who were slightly better then the rest in the MAC in ’10-’11. They played portions of Saturday night, though, in uncharacteristic fashion for a team that usually shares the basketball at the offensive end.

3. Funny, all these years I’ve been covering the game, I thought the overall top seed in the tournament, in this case Ohio State, was ‘rewarded’ with the perceived easiest road to the Elite Eight. No way you could convince the Buckeyes of that! Seeds 2-6 in their East region being, North Carolina, Syracuse, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Xavier. Tough outs all! You could make an argument that Kansas, Pitt, and Duke, the ‘other’ 1’s, might have it a bit easier.

4. At first glance, which I could flop some by Tuesday night, my Final Four shows ‘chalk’ holding up with Ohio State and Kansas reaching Houston, yet Pitt and Duke don’t. Going to ‘fly and flush’ with 5 seed Kansas State in the Southeast, and 4 seed Texas in the West. Ohio State whips Texas in one semi, and how ’bout another Big 12 battle, with Kansas taking out Kansas State in the other.

While Thad Matta takes some heat off Jim Tressel with his long run, Kansas won’t fall prey early this tourney, as they did in the shocking loss to Northern Iowa a season ago. Kansas Jayhawks with to much explosiveness all over the floor, and take down Ohio State to win it all.

5. As mentioned above, as the Buckeyes get out of Cleveland and on to Newark, danger could loom with what’s left of those 2-6 seeds. Know this, William Buford is Ohio States most indispensible talent. It will be Buford who can’t falter with a poor shooting night, or foul issues. He’s the one consistent Ohio State talent who can get his offense in every facet of the game. Diebler and Lighty are more specialists, while Jared Sullinger relies so heavily on those who must get the basketball to him. William Buford is Ohio State’s best overall talent, and the key to a deep run to Houston and the Final Four for the Buckeyes.


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  1. Well done, Kenny! Go Bucks!!! They are going to do it in 2011!!!!!!!! Seven deep gets it done in the NCAA tournament these days. The team can play solid defense and the strong inside/outside game has to be “on” more then off.

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