The Truth and Only the Truth (As I See It)

By Greg Brinda

The NFLPA decertifies thus ending its union status. Can someone tell me when the last time the Teamsters, UAW, United Mine Workers or the AFL-CIO decertified?

The Browns WILL take a defensive lineman or Von Miller with their first pick in the draft. The Browns will not take Cam Newton or any wide receiver with the sixth pick.

OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith had a bad week. First there was the Jim Tressel dog and pony show. Then his explanation of how the NCAA selection committee picked some of the bubble teams went nowhere and at times sounded like gibberish and babble.

The NCAA and it dealings reminds me of an out of control dictator. (Fill in the blank for your favorite dictator). Stupid rules and it now wants to clear out an arena in 30 minutes for its basketball tournament. Time for some major conferences to band together and say enough is enough and say we are going in another direction.

So let me get this straight. The Indians are being extra cautious with Lonnie Chisenhall and are sending him to the minors even though he’s batting .935 and playing a decent third base. The Indians think that journeymen utility infielders are a better fit for now. Let me see. Chisenhall is the only guy that’s drawing any excitement and interest out of the Indians spring training. Great way to sell tickets!

Can someone tell me why Byron Scott is still talking about stuff that he started talking about four months ago? It’s now very clear that either his message to the players is garbled or some of his players have a very low basketball IQ. Whatever the case it’s not very good for the Cavs.

And finally The Ohio State University will win the National Championship come early April. It’s not known yet if Terrelle Pryor will be asked to cut down the net.



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  1. Where did this total “mental fragility” come from where 3 months will make a world of difference with Chisenhall ? I was at the stadium watching Robin Yount play SS for the Brewers at 18 ! Let him take his knocks. He won’t be ruined, trust me !

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