Nostra-Hammer or Nostra-Dumbass

By Aaron Goldhammer

It’s time for another edition of Nostra-Hammer or Nostra-Dumbass.

Here are my predictions this week…

The Cleveland Indians will be over .500 at the end of April.

At least one Ohio team will make the final four.

Aaron Craft will be a better pro player than Jared Sullinger.

“The Girl Who Played with Fire” will win the best picture Oscar in 2012.

The Cleveland Browns will play a full 16 game schedule in 2011.

“Spiderman” the musical will go down as the biggest disaster in Broadway history.

The NCAA Tournament will consist of more than 68 teams in 2015.

Zeke Marshall will play in the NBA.

ESPN will make a 30-for-30 documentary about “The Decision.”

The Cavs will not get the number one pick in the draft.

The Cavs will draft a European player with one of their two lotto picks.


1 Comment

  1. Actually sound predictions and no reference to concentration camps. I actually think it would be good for the Cavs NOT to have the first pick as that slow would take first pick cash and no one really stands out as that. Enes Kanter does intrigue me here. But how can you say Zeke Marshall will play in the NBA when people like Hollins is salivating for his arrival.

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