Oh, The Pain

By Greg Brinda

Funny how Cavs head coach Byron Scott has called out the team a number of times all year. He often sites his men for a lack of effort. If you saw Thursday night’s game versus Portland, it was another prime example. With all this being said, the Cavs still want you to buy tickets and support the team for the rest of the year. Makes sense to me.

Jim Tressel needs to forfeit 5/12 of his salary plus his 250 thousand dollar fine if he is officially suspended five games next season.

Is the NFL lockout settled yet?

When is Indians third baseman Jason Donald going to swing the bat again? Opening day is in two weeks.

Why do employers give employees the day off for St. Patrick’s day?

By the way, my corn beef from the Unicorn in Grafton was fabulous!




  1. We send down Lonnie Chisenhall to wait for a non-swinging Jason Donald.
    Is that where we are at ? Nix or Valbuena should not be mentioned for
    3B either.

    “Oh the pain ..” ? Nice Dr. Zachary Smith from LOST IN SPACE !!!

  2. Greg – This Hannahan mentioned for 3B ? What is it called when your name front ways is 75 % of what it is reading it backwards ? This is the .224 hitter who is a better alternative that rushing along the mentally fragile Chisenhall ? Give me a break !

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