Quotes of the Day

By Kenny Roda

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta: “I tell the guys before every game, I don’t know who’s going to lead us in scoring tonight and I don’t care.”

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta: “The tournament is about gaining momentum and getting on a roll. It’s about gaining confidence.”

Ohio State head coach thad Matta: “David Lighty is the best practice player I’ve ever had and that’s so important!”

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta: “Our players respect George Mason because they have former high school teammates who play on teams in the same league as George Mason(Colonial Athletic) and they know they’re good.”

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta: “George Mason has a lot of different guys who do so many things. They’re multidimensional players. We’re going to have to defend all 5 guys hard.”

Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger: “When we were about to take the floor yesterday, to see Villanova’s faces like Stokes and Wright and a couple of other people. It was kind of heartbreaking because I understand what they’re going through and I’ve been through a situation like that last year with my season. So I understand that feeling, and I never want to feel that feeling again.”. I

George Mason head coach Jim Larranaga: “We need to score with Ohio State, limit their 2nd chance shots and play defense as hard as we can.”

George Mason head coach Jim Larranaga: “Jared Sullinger is out top priority on defense, but we have to keep John Diebler’s shot total down.”

George Mason forward Luke Hancock on facing a pro OSU crowd on Sunday night, “Coach always tells us, it doesn’t matter who you play or where you play. It only matters how you play.”



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  1. I think the Buckeye’s made some resounding statements over the weekend with a couple comfortable wins. I can’t wait for Aaron Goldhammer’s OSU ripping, negative recap of their games. No doubt, we will have to hear about the 11-2 hole the Buckeye hoopsters started the game in yesterday. The 7 for 7 in 3’s for Lighty will be considered lucky for “The Luckeyes” as he often refers to them…what a joke, Aaron! Maybe he will give Craft a little credit for 15 assists and only 2 turnovers before going onto his usual barage of: his top 5 things he won’t miss about Carmello Anthony playing for his beloved Denver Nuggets (YAWN!), some BS about his figure skating prowess that ended at age 12, or God knows what other boring”Aaron” topics. Although, even though pretty much every credible source nationally has picked the Buckeye hoopsters as the best shot at winniing it all, he will have 13 reasons why they won’t!?

    This continues to be an absolute joke as an OSU affiliate! If this is the only way Aaron thinks Rizzo’s show can get ratings, it even more disgusting. What really IS happening, is that people are tuning out as they are sick of hearing the non-stop Buckeye bashing from Goldie. Maybe Rizzo will put his foot down sometime? After all, Craig K. (station owner) did say a couple months on the air that Rizzo has final say as to the flow of HIS show??!! We shall see…

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