What I’ll Remember

By Kenny Roda

The Ohio State Buckeyes ranked #1 and looking like the #1 team in the country with convincing wins over Texas San Antonio and George Mason.

David Lighty coming home to C’Town and in front of family and friends going 7 for 7 from 3-point country in the 98-66 win over George Mason.

Freshman Aaron Craft’s half court pass, while being double teamed, thrown right on the money to fellow freshman Jared Sullinger for the hoop and the foul.

Craft finishing with an Ohio State record 15 assists in the win over the Patriots. It’s the 3rd most assists ever in an NCAA tournament game.

Ohio State as a team going 16 for 26 from beyond the arc. That’s 48 points from the land of 3 at a very high percentage.

The confidence with which Ohio State played with, to go along with what truly seems to be a family like atmosphere amongst the players, coaches and managers.

Buckeye Nation showing up in full force and cheering on their Buckeyes with the

O-H-I-O chants and so much more.

My new favorite coach Buzz Williams from Marquette, who’s team came in as an underdog and left Cleveland as a confident squad headed to the Sweet Sixteen.

Buzz Williams 9 minute answer to one question during a press conference that outlined how he first got into coaching to where he is now.

Villanova blowing their 1st round game against George Mason.

Marquette totally shutting down the Atlantic Ten’s player of the year Tu Holloway from Xavier.

Enjoying the fact that Jim Boeheim’s Orangeman lost to Buzz Williams squad for the 2nd time this season.  I just don’t like Boeheim.  He can now join Rick Pitino, who I also don’t care for, as an analyst for the rest of the games on TV.

How the city of Cleveland stepped up big in hosting this tournament.  There should be no question as to whether Cleveland is a big league city and should host again in the not to distant future.

The chants of “Eddie – Eddie” for Ohio State’s Eddie Days from Richmond Hts. who has battled health issues in his life, but stuck with it at O.S.U. and got too play in both tournament games in C’Town and scored in the win over George Mason.


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  1. Well done Kenny! As noted on C-Fed’s blog above…this is MUST reading for Aaron Goldhammer.

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