Things I Need To Say

By Greg Brinda

Josh Cribbs should stop whining. Yes the NFL is taking the fun out of REAL football but Josh had better think how to reinvent himself before he finds himself out of the league. Right now he’s just an OK receiver, runner and quarterback. I’m not sure if he’s even an OK qb. He didn’t do anything in the kickoff game before he got hurt last season. Now to be fair, teams kicked away from him. So that should mean Cribbs needs to find a way to help the team. And he better find out fast.

I’m not sure what to make of Cleveland State’s season. 27 and 9 was a great record to say the least. BUT! The team couldn’t beat Butler and didn’t do really anything in the NIT. Gary Waters is a very good coach and he might have gotten all he could get out of this group of kids. Norris Cole was fantastic but the team lacked a consistent post player and a solid bench. Maybe this is all we can expect from a program like Cleveland State. I still believe Waters is the best man for the job for now and the future.

It’s good to see Randy Lerner is engaged in the NFL. He’s the only owner not on a committee. He does though talk to Mike Holmgren all the time. Lerner must have the busiest schedule on the planet that he can’t come to a meeting in person concerning his billion dollar business.

Hey Byron Scott is going to make more lineup changes. Hello! Byron no one cares anymore!

Lawrence Taylor must either be the luckiest person on the planet or has the world’s greatest lawyer. He gets just six years probation for having sex with a 16 year-old prostitute. Anyone else gets jail time and lots of it.

Still believing Ohio State wins the National Championship. Still looking for Terrelle Pryor to cut down the nets



  1. Bacon Brinda telling someone to stop whining? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!?? Of course, with Bacon Brinda, we also can refer to a massive pot belly.

    Maybe my java has not kicked in yet, but I really don’t get the Pryor reference at the end of the washed up Dean’s whining blog? Feel free to enlighten us.

    Go Bucks – here’s to hoping for two big wins over the weekend. I wonder how Aaron “Goldie” Goldhammer will complain about OSU after that happens?!


  2. I’m no fan of Brinda Joe but what in his blog is incorrect, other than the OSU=NC. Yet this was written before the game.

    Cribbs is a marginal FB player w/ 1 outstanding skill set which was taken away from him last season and again this season w/ the rule change. Maybe instead of letting evrryone know he’s unhappy via Twitter, ESPN, etc., he should be training to run better routes, catching the ball, reading defenses. It’s starting to reek of his parade to let everyone know he was underpaid. Maybe the Walrus should come out and demand Cribbs go back to his originally signed contract seeing he’s not making an impact anymore.

    Brinda’s assessment of CSU is correct. Waters is getting better talent to CSU but he still lacks a big man in the middle and depth. Hopefully a few more seasons of 25+ wins and tournament invites will help move that program forward.

    His take on Lerner is right on too. Randy is too busy to deal with anything. Remember when the season was going to hell, RL had to meet with 2 pseudo fans rather than address the fan base w/ a press conference. I guess it’s easier to tell the Charlie Frye guy what you plan on doing in private rather than tell an entire fan base and actually get held accountable for it.

    Joe, it seems like you have something against Goldhammer but I cant quite put my finger on it.

    Brinda, this will probably be the last time we agree on anything you write but I will give credit where credit is due.

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