Word Association

By Aaron Goldhammer

Aside from getting some sun and some time on the golf course, spending the last two days with the Indians in Arizona has allowed me to learn a ton about this year’s squad. So, let’s play a little game of word association. I’ll go through some of the key players or themes and give you the word or phrase that I think best sums up gut feeling. We will revisit these at the all-star break.


Shin-Soo Choo – Dark horse AL MVP candidate

Matt Laporta – Columbus Clippers

Fausto Carmona – Legit ace this year.

Orlando Cabrera – Total steal. Team leader.

Travis Hafner – Glue factory.

Goodyear, AZ – Must visit, Cleveland fan

Shelley Duncan – Rock star

Luis Valbuena – No bueno.

Justin Masterson – Fantasy sleeper.

Carlos Santana – Victor who?

Grady Sizemore – Stay away from Allie.

Do you have any additions for the Tribe word association game? Leave them in the comments. Keep it clean kids.




  1. Chris Perez-All-Star Reserve

  2. Tribe top 3 in rotation – will have 25 wins at the break!

  3. Goldie REALLY sucks…GO TRIBE! I have tried to lay out reason by reason why he needs to stop the non-stop Buckeye abuse, always hanging up on callers and boring the hell out of us by droning on & on about his beloved Denver or time spent in Wisconsin or NYC. None of it does any good… The sad part is, outside of these major issues, I actually don’t mind him at all.

    Now, it will just be a resounding: GOLDIE SUX!!! Or some related quote. Rizz, keep letting him wussify your show! Maybe he will regayle us with stories about which moisturizer works best him…ugh!

  4. P.S. – I am sure Goldie or anyone on the RBS show will not mention that the Tribe game is on Television later today on the Major League Network (I know it’s on Time Warner and I am sure more) at 4PM or 5PM. Enjoy…

  5. Wow Joe, that’s not exactly playing word association correctly is it. You make no mention of the Tribe other than their game on tv. Tsk, tsk.

    • Good point Scott. Chalk it up to a crazy Monday morning…and I was wrong about that game being on TV yesterday to boot! I will say that tomorrow’s game is on STO at 1PM. I can only hope that Aaron starts to “get it”…we shall see.

      My darkhorse, out of nowhere, break out guy is Buck! Go Tribe!!!!!

  6. Grady Sizemore – Doing Allie in the azz.

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