The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

It is obvious the GUARD PLAY made the difference for the teams in the FINAL FOUR…and then there WERE FOUR!!  Let’s look at the HONOR ROLL:

* VCU – Rodriguez – tireless and when not dictating flow, dishing HE hit big shots!

* U CONN – Walker (nothing left to say but GOING, GOING, GONE w/his speed and moves) and Lamb – HUGE shot Lamb!

* KY – Knight – made it happen yesterday and hit the game whiner vs OSU!

* BUTLER – not enough said about Mack and Van Zant!

I must ask this too – CSU losing to BUTLER 3x does NOT look that bad now!

Did or IS GENO FORD making a mistake leaving KSU?  I know DAMBROT has THEE class coming in next year, but I must ask, where are:

* Stan Heath?

* Jim Christian?

I know, but hardly getting allot of props these days!

* Gary Waters?  Gary “righted the ship” and noted he SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE TO RUTGERS!  Thank golly he is here!

GENO to Bradley?  A LIFE LONG MAC MAN?  Good Luck!

Enjoy Every Sandwich!


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  1. Live that Rodriguez with VCU ! And yes, re the guard play with Buford failing us in a big game. Still love him though and glad to have him back ! Our point guards of Craft and Shannon Scott next year should be awesome and maybe the Bucks chances are better with a more offensive big man than Lauderdale coming in. A 6’10” kid from Michigan. Sullinger needs a little help !! Where was Thomas that last game ?!

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