LeBron sparked the rebirth of Cavalier basketball

By Will Burge

It’s all so different this time around. There is no national media, no buzz around the city, and this time the teams are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Looking back now, there was good reason for the hype around LeBron’s return.

Not only was the scorned son returning to Cleveland for the first time, but only four wins separated these two teams in the standings.

Quickly forgotten in the beat down on December 2nd was that the Cavaliers held their own through one quarter. The game was tied 17-17 and even after letting Miami go on an 11-0 run, Daniel Gibson hit a 3 pointer and was fouled at the buzzer.

It all seemed so good, and then it all went so wrong.

We could talk about how these two teams headed in different directions after that game or how that was a defining moment in the season for both organizations, but that was not the point.

The point that everyone seems to miss is that the Cavaliers’ organization finally turned the page.

The fans may still care, the news outlets may still feel this is a story, but to the Cavaliers, LeBron is now a piece of the past.

There has been record setting losing streaks, trades acquiring draft picks, and the development of young players. Life has moved on.

As tough as this season has been for Cavs fans, I don’t think many people felt that closure would come so quickly.

Now, when you enter a local watering hole, you no long hear conversations about how the city was wronged. Those conversations are instead replaced with draft talk and how many years it will take to contend.

People no longer debate whether or not the Cavs made the right moves to win championships while LeBron was here. Now, they debate whether or not losing every game is good or bad for the team.

Fans no longer check Miami’s record on a daily basis. Instead, they check the box scores for Washington, Minnesota, and Sacramento to see who will end up with the first overall pick.

No one likes losing. It isn’t easy on players, front office, fans, or local businesses.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary.

Do you keep renovating a building that will never again be state of the art, or knock it down and build a brand new, top of the line dwelling?

The Cavaliers chose the latter.

Looking back now, as painful as it was, December 2nd was the first wrecking ball in a Cleveland basketball rebuilding project.



  1. I guess I didn’t realize it until just now reading it. Yes we have moved on. Time does heal some wounds. The 1st round draft picks don’t hurt either.

  2. Nice article….Now to the gravy! A huge win last night. Maximum effort by our Cav’s despite LeQuit’s QUAD-double: points, rebounds, assists AND LOSING by OVER 10 POINTS!!!!!!! Credit for that goes to a caller named Ivan on Munch in the Morning at about 5AM and you could hear the smile on his face right through the radio. I picked up on that because I felt like it was Christmas morning myself! A huge team win paced by Parker, the Baron, JJ, Hollins (!), Skyenga, Boobie, and more. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!

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