From Hawaii to Houston, Nobody Has Been Better than Kemba

By Chris Fedor

The NCAA tournament started with 68 teams and now it’s down to just two. The road to a National Championship ends tonight in Houston.

Butler is back in the title game for the second straight year and this year they are looking to cap off their improbable run with a trophy in hand. Led by one of the best coaches in college basketball and a duo, Matt Howard and Shelvin Mack, that can start on any team in the country, the Bulldogs have had an impressive run through the tourney. It’s been a journey filled with buzzer-beaters, freak plays at the end of games, and a toughness that defines the program. Make no mistake about it; it’s not a fluke that the Bulldogs are back in the title game. They have earned their spot on college basketball’s biggest stage. They have shown time and time again that they can beat any team, at any time, and on any stage. It doesn’t matter if the game is played in Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut, Texas, Indianapolis, or on Mars. Butler is always ready for the moment.

As impressive as the Bulldogs run through the tournament has been it doesn’t compare to what UConn has done in their last ten games. What the Huskies have accomplished dating back to the start of the Big East Tournament goes beyond words. They have faced ten straight elimination games under immense pressure and have won them all. They were the ninth best team in their own conference and weren’t even in the preseason top 25, but just like Butler they belong in the title game.

What Butler has done the last two years is to be admired. They lost their best player from a year ago to the NBA and have taken down everyone on their path to a national championship. The Bulldogs have experience on their side, they never get rattled, they are as tough as nails, they are one of the best defensive teams in America, and they do all the little things to win games. There’s just one problem. They don’t have Kemba Walker. Kemba announced his greatness to the world in Hawaii and he hasn’t slowed down since. Walker is the best player in America, he is the most clutch player in America, and on college basketball’s biggest stage, nobody’s star has shined brighter than Kemba Walker’s.

His leadership, propensity for making big shots, ability to dig down deep and find the energy despite playing every single second of nearly every single game, and his will to win is unmatched by anyone else in the game today.

Walker’s incredible year started in Hawaii and now he has a chance to cap off one of the greatest individual seasons in college basketball history with the net from Reliant Stadium draped around his neck.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Walker. There is nobody that can convince me that he is not one of the five best players in this year’s draft, but I understand the concerns about his size. The NBA talk can wait though because tonight it’s not about a shoe deal or a guaranteed contract. Tonight is about college basketball’s greatest prize. Tonight is an opportunity for Kemba Walker to have his one shining moment.



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