Win One For the Cons? Why Not the Pros?

By: Munch

The best player in the tonight’s game team will triumph and that best player is KEMBA WALKER thus The HUSKIES give Jim Calhoun his 3rd championship!  Yes indeed, Kentucky and their spider arms not only gave OSU trouble, but truly Walker had a tough time with the “D” but there is NO DOUBT KEMBA is a special player and when I see him I DO see and NBA player!

Connecticut Guard Kemba Walker

He has a chip due to his size and YES, he will use this as motivation to succeed tonight and to lace ’em up at least 82 times a year!  Tonight’s game will be close…2-4 points!

I know the Bosox are coming to town, and speaking of SMALL CROWDS at Progressive Field, don’t you think that if these games were in May, especially June with the kids home from school, we would have a minimum of 30,000 for each game?

Sadly this is the team headed to the World Series from the AL and it is truly a shame there fans are such “dirt bags!”

YO BEAN TOWN – Crispus Attucks was murdered by the British over 230 years ago and Bunker Hill has long passed so we owe you NOTHING!

Check out some Yankee fans for some class!  I do not care if Cliff, CC and Victor were on the team – the crowds would be small!

Gonna be 40 degrees tomorrow during the day – at night?  FREAKIN’ COLD!

Enjoy every sandwich!
Adios amigos!


  1. What ? Coco Crispus ? Biggest A-hole fans in sports no DOUBT ! Good job Munch – Jack

  2. Muinch – think of it. They opened the last two centuries with World Series wins and still think they are hot crap..they will go dry for 88 more years and be back in 2100 as obnoxious as ever. Go Orioles !

  3. Still see Walker as an undersized PG who needs to score. Don’t know if that’ll translate in the NBA. He’s going to have to show he can be a distributor for a year or two before he can become THE scorer.

    Sure this series would have more in attendance if ti were May or June. But at least half of that 30,000 would be BoSox fans. Saw it last year and Tribe fans have shown they won’t come out unless this team is REALLY competing. Expect lots of sub 15,000 attendance figures this season with only a handful of 20,000 +. The Tribe PR dept is doing a bad job of selling this team. Have you seen the ads with the new “established in 1901” slogan? Are they really trying to sell this team to me with video of the ’97 Series? Add this to the pile w/ the FO pretty much telling us that ’07 was an aberrition and the small market/bad economic excuses. What does this team have to offer my family of 4 to take the time and come to a ballgame? This team was an easy sell due to the mid/late 90’s perfect storm but now they have to work to get fans and they are failing miserably

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