Them’s fightin’ words ’cause I’m no Loser!

By: Munch

Here we go!  Last night I sat down with my 11 year old son to watch the Cavaliers and we both looked at each other, rubbed our hands together and said “boy oh boy…let’s sit and watch and enjoy a CAVS loss!”  WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!?  I never want my teams to lose!  LOSING IS STUPID!  LOSING BREEDS A LOSING CULTURE!  QUITTERS LOSE!  I do not want LOSERS reppin’ my (our) teams and OUR CITY!


To Lose, Or Not To Lose, That Is the Question

But Munch, we need more shots at the #1 over all choice in the NBA DRAFT!  LISTEN UP CLYDE, and you all know I am NOT a big stats guy…I do not it with heart, soul and studying games, but here is a RAW REALITY for you LOSERS!


* Today, the T’wolves are worse than the Cavaliers!  They have a 25% shot at getting #1 over all in the draft and due to the trade with the Clippers, the Wine and Gold have a 22.7% chance!  Cavs at 22.7% as the 2nd place team has a 19.9% shot and you add the 2.8% shot the Clips would have had and BINGO!

* Since 1985, only FOUR TIMES has the worst team received the #1 over all choice in the draft!

– 1988 Clippers!

– 1999 Nets!

– 2003 Cavaliers!

– 2004 Magic!

* Since that time the 3rd worse has copped the pick 4x too and the 2nd worse 32x!  HECK, the 5th worst has scored the #1 FOUR TIMES!

There you go!

Something else I need to hit you with…there is NO DOUBT the trade with LA was done for the lotto choice, BUT Baron Davis has proven that the trade TRULY is abort him to a degree too.  His knees are cranky and hurt like heck, BUT he is an ELITE player!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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  1. And who is that clear cut # 1 worth # 1 money ? If we pick second and say the Clippers take Irving, I take the Arizona forward. And vice-versa. Someone else picking will just make our decision easier and even a # 4 we will do just fine ! I DO NOT WANT TERENCE JONES though !

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