To Hate Or Not To Hate?

By Greg Brinda

So it started in a programming meeting and became one of the most heated and passionate debates ever and has now spread to the audience.

Should ESPN 850 WKNR have a hate party for the Heat? That’s the question, but in essence, it’s not the real story.

Personally, I hate the Heat and hope Lebron loses every game. Would I go to a hate party? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal one way or the other. What I find amazing is our (the hosts) reaction to all this. It’s down right bizarre.

You would think that we were being asked to compromise everything we stand for. SAY WHAT!!!

Listen, we are a sports talk, sports marketing entity. We engage the audience. We invoke passion. We are in the ENTERTAINMENT business. We deal in the toy box of life.


We don’t read teleprompters. We have opinions. We should get people to react. We should not be vanilla. Our reputations ARE NOT AT STAKE as some at the station would like to believe.

Look, this is fun. But if we don’t do it so be it. But we are not compromising anything. We all need to lighten up here and if maybe someday, we are asked to do something outside the box, we should.

Funny Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh work outside the box in different ways. They also happen to be two of the most popular and the two highest paid radio personalities on the planet.

Why wouldn’t anyone of us want to be there?



  1. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The only reason Aaron wants to do it is so he can yet again be on ANY national media outlets that he can get his grubby hands on…and THAT is the ONLY reason! It does not matter apparently that NOBODY in Cleveland wants him to represent US ever on the national stage. Heck, I would take Bacon Brinda over that poser.

    I almost spit my coffee out all over my computer the other morning when Aaron was rambling on and on about HIM and WKNR representing the fans and Rizz chimed in about being “The Voice of the Fan”…like WHK back in the day!!! Good one, Rizzo. That station was INFINETELY better then the “old” WKNR…which, by the way, is what the station is turning into. Aaron WANTS no callers and hangs up on most that are foolish enough to stay on hold. He just wants to ramble on about Denver, moisturizer and then begrudgingly takes a call from some poor sap that has been on hold for an hour…


    BTW – At least speaking for myself, nobody is jealous or lives in their Mom’s basement, they just want something enjoyable to listen to at work to get them through the day.

    Just saw the SWEEP of the Red Soz! I am sure Aaron will find a way to complain about that tomorrow…unbelievable.

  3. I wonder if the little twerp is hosting hate Carmelo parties too?

  4. Ya know?! He has to talk about Carmello…everyday!!!??? Why? To what end? It’s like he keeps a list to check off lame topics.

  5. Instead of having a hate the Heat party, why doesn’t the RBS put together a night out at a Tribe game. There’s a team that is in need of a shot in the arm attendance wise. Use their “power” to get people out supporting a local team, not the Miami AAU team.

  6. Because Aaron would no national coverage of that!

  7. Wow, if you seriously have that big of issue with Goldhammer, just stop listening. The easiest thing in the world to do is just stop.

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