Paying it forward on “Fan Appreciation Night”


OK, so we decided to go to the playoff-bound Cleveland “Lake Erie Monsters” fan appreciation night last night.  Got lucky and got two seats Row 2 in the corner on the glass.

The second I saw the puck deflected, I knew exactly where it was headed.  But being with two kids, my lap was filled with crap (coats, Skittles, etc.) so I was immobilized.  Then it happened.  The puck hit the netting and landed right on the boards, fan-side. There was a slight scramble but the man sitting right there just grabbed it.

Everyone was clapping and we were all up on the big Q-Tube.  Fans were clapping, etc.  I was happy and jealous simultaneously.  Suddenly, and we’ve all seen this happen before, but we’ve also seen it not happen often — the man turned around and handed the puck to my daughter.

I haven’t seen her so excited in a long time. She thanked him, beaming the biggest smile I’ve seen.  A game puck.  Wow.  Really.  There were 12,000 people in the arena and one game puck.  She got it!  But the story gets better.  About 15 minutes later, they started throwing T-shirts.  People will kill for these.  Lo and behold, my daughter, Sydney, catches one!  She immediately taps the man on the shoulder and gives it to him.

You really had to be there and my writing is nowhere near good enough to convey the sweetness of the entire situation.  The man was soft-spoken, didn’t really even look like a hockey fan (I don’t mean this disrespectful).  He wouldn’t take a beer or anything for making my daughter’s day.  But when he got his T-shirt back from Sydney he appeared to be just as happy as she was when getting the puck.


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