Does Frustration Equal Progress?

By: T.J. Zuppe

The Indians just went 4-2 on a west coast swing in Seattle and Los Angeles, and I am upset.

The Indians went 4-2 on their West Coast road trip. (Photo courtesy of the AP)

Wait a minute, did I really just write that? Upset with a team that has played well, and opened the season at 8-4, good enough for first place in the American League Central Division?

Truly, for the Tribe had every opportunity to collect a win on Wednesday night against the Angels.

Five wins on a six game left-coast trip was within their grasp.

That was before bad base running, head-scratching throws, untimely hitting and another poor outing from a bullpen newcomer led to a loss in extra-frames, as the game slipped away.

But does the fact that Indians fans are upset mean progress is being made? After all, few thought the team would experience success, especially at the outset of the season.

A 4-2 road trip would have sounded splendid after a sweep of the Red Sox last week. It would have sounded even better over the previous couple of seasons.

Yet, here we are, bitter, angry and upset.

I’m not sure that is such a bad thing.

For as unbearable as the club has been over the last few years, to raise the bar on some expectations is a welcome change. After all, the city of Cleveland has been searching for a breath of fresh air in the sports world.

Can the Indians be that?

Who knows? I have been saying for quite some time, do not put any expectations on what we have seen thus far. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

But lord knows, it is quite difficult to not want to get ahead of ourselves. It is in our nature to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

It is for that reason most people will continue to be skeptical and reserve judgment. Who can fault that?

After all, who has been burned more than Cleveland? But that cynicism and frustration means people care.

Getting the faithful to raise the bar is where it will start. They can only do that through continued positive play, starting with the fundamentals, and being fun to watch.

It may be a small step, but a necessary one in making sure “Wahoo Baseball” catches on.

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  1. TJ – It is the “here we go again” mentality. I do like the way they are # 1 pitching, and # 2 manufacturing runs. That is encouraging and we should credit Acta on that a bit. Still question marks (Laporta ie) and low payroll which tends to squelch some of the enthusiasm. Many more positives at this stage than expected though..the closer, the pen, all of the starters, O Cabrera taking to 2B, Asdrubel emerging as a real star, Brantley looking like he has arrived, Hafner much better than expected etc .. Choo will be there and hopefully Sizemore in LF relatively healthy….

  2. Next year or later this year though I am looking for another couple of questions to be answered by Kipnis/Phelps/Chisenhall and maybe Goedert if Laporta is not the guy. And in a full year Pomeranz and/or Alex White.

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