Roda’s Thoughts After A Dozen

By: Kenny Roda

So we’re 12 games into the Indians 2011 season and they’re still relevant. They still matter.  In fact at (8-4) they’re a pleasant surprise. Will it continue? Only time will tell, but here are a few things I think I’ve learned about the Tribe.

Indians Manager Manny Acta

Without a major homerun threat in the lineup, they’re going to have to continue to play small ball to score runs.  That means get’em on, get’em over and get’em in.  That means bunt your way on. Steal bases. Hit n Run. Suicide squeeze. Whatever it takes on offense to score runs.

I’ve also learned that the defense is much better this season, which should help this young and questionable pitching staff. The Indians need to make sure they only give the opposition 27 outs and not 1 more.

I like the bullpen so far with the exception of Chad Durbin. Plus they’re getting Joe Smith back, which should help.  Justin Masterson has been masterful so far. Lets hope that continues and that Fausto Carmona already threw his worst game of the season in the opener.

Manny Acta has pushed most of the right buttons so far and it seems like he has a good feel for this team.  He’ll need to hit for a high average for the season to improve this club’s chances of winning.

But so far, so good for the Tribe. They’ve got my attention, now lets see if they can keep it.

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  1. Great point, Road Man. I feel exactly the same. They are exciting to watch, and the young kids are playing their ass off!! When Joe Smith comes back, hopefully, we’ll send Durbin packin’.

  2. The enthusiasm by the players is refreshing. They are really working hard to make an impression. Especially considering that attendance is poor, this is a great start. True- no real power, but small ball works if your pitching maintains quality starts (we will see). It also helps save the bullpen, and extends them. So far, so good.

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