The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Talking Tribe and more as C TOWN PRIDE was in full swing this past weekend DOWNTOWN where it all belongs! Friday I knew something special was happening in the big city when I drove by the Wolstein and in the surface lots people were TAILGATING! I wondered what was going on and I really wanted to stop and join them (did someone say PARTY!!??) when it hit me – these RV’s had ‘bama and other schools flags flying form them! They were in town for the Women’s NCAA Gymnastic Championships at CSU! How freakin’ cool is that? Love it or hate it, it does not matter as people were in OUR city enjoying and yes, dropping some pieces of paper with dead president’s pics into the coffer known as Cleveland’s economy!

Now, as the Tribe squared up to face the Birds from Baltimore Friday night I felt something special coming down and it did – the brooms were pirated into Progressive Field Sunday after wins Friday and Saturday and fans celebrated the Indians going to 11-4! How did they do it? Pitching first and foremost and yes, shades of ’95 and ’97 (LOL) with the LONG BALL and NONE BIGGER than PRONK who continues to display that stories of his demise were greatly exaggerated PLUS YES, SUNDAY the return if Grady! Double, HOME RUN, I’ll take it and remember, Brantley in LF and Grady in CF are BETTER THAN WHAT THE CURSE OF Delucci and Jay Mike left for us this year with Kearns, Buck and Duncan! Again, the naysayers were out – it will destroy the chemistry and so many inane comments to “but Grady is not as good as he was 4 years ago” made me want to fight! ENJOY IT!

Gotta hit the MONSTERS too as their fans rocked and rolled as team split the first 2 playoff games and I treasured the fact that Saturday night people were TICKED when they left the Q after the Gladiators fell by one! THAT SHOWS WE CARE! Two missed extra points and failure to get out of bounds to attempt the game winner!! NOT GOOD!

OK, note to Tribe in KC – enjoy the BBQ (Gates and Sons IS THE BEST) and some stockyard steaks and WIN, just win baby!

Enjoy every sandwich!



  1. Is that GATES BROWN and Sons….? It is good to have Grady back but he needs to stay healthy. I worry about injuries like shoulders, backs and microfractures ! Now in reading the box scores I look at the pitching FIRST ! Just like 1967 !!

  2. Sizemore is 5 for 9 in the lineup with 3 extra base hits, including a homerun. Ya think that will work, Fedor? Oh, and the team is 2-0 in those two games! Manny “freakin'” Acta is pushing pretty much ALL the right buttons – how about we let him do his thing? I know you ALWAYS need something to bitch about, Ned! Oh, and ENOUGH with the non-stop Cam Newton news – you have your Kobe “man crush” demeanor cranked up – no pun intended.

    Munch – you get us pumped up to start the day with Tribe passion…GREAT since the national media is pretty much ignoring our fast start. IS IT JUST TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A PLACE TO GO TO LISTEN TO POSITIVE TRIBE TALK??!! SHOVE YOUR SURVEY, CRAIG! NOTHING EVER CHANGES!!!! THE CONTRIVED AARON & FEDOR GANGING UP ON RIZZO HAS RUN IT’S COURSE… FIX IT OR WE ARE GONZO – NO, REALLY!

    P.S. – We need a nickname for Chris Perez! If he has one, I don’t know it and I follow him on twitter. Sometimes as easy as calling someone like Fedor: THE TOOL!

    P.S.S. – Nice column, Munch and Go Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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