It’s Tribe time and what did the INDIANS really do last night…

By Munch

…THEY KILLED THE MOSQUITO WITH DYNAMITE, NITROGLYCERIN! They just did not SWAT that little pest, known as the Royals, they MADE SURE THEY WERE GONE!

What else did the Tribe do last night in KC?

* Struck in the first inning!

* Came back the very next inning (7th) to tie it up after KC went ahead!

* Plated not A game winning run, but FOUR in the first extra frame (10th)!

* Used 3 and 2/3 innings of GOOSE EGGS, NO HITS, NO RUNS from their pen and pitchers named PESTANO, PEREZ (RAFFI), SMITH AND GERMANO!

YES, they may have been a little careless and over aggressive running the bases, especially Asdrubal in the 3rd, but they are aware of making the other team MAKE PLAYS!

Watching this game the Indians looked like a CONTENDER, Royals were the PRETENDERS (and NOT Chrissie Hynde’s band!)!

Concerning the NBA draft…do not rule out ENES KANTER! I am hearing his name more and more coming from the Q!!

I look forward to seeing you – meeting you TONIGHT (Tues, 4/19) at BUFFALO WILD WINGS Streetsboro from 7p-9p! Qualify to be the WING KING OF CLEVELAND! Come out and say hi! Miller Lite specials too plus GRASSHOPPER will be hanging with us too!

Enjoy every sandwich.


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  1. In the little I saw of Kanter’s film while being recruited by Kentucky, it is jaw dropping ! I would not mind him as one of the picks, depending where …

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