Nostra-Hammer or Nostra-Dumbass

By Aaron Goldhammer

It’s time once again for another edition of Nostra-Hammer or Nostra-Dumbass. I’ve made the predictions below. Only time will tell if I’m Nostra-Hammer or Nostra-Dumbass. Here we go:

Either the Cleveland Indians or Kansas City Royals will win the American League Central in 2011.

When his career is over, Carmelo Anthony will not be as revered by New York Knicks fans as Bernard King.

The Hangover 2 will go down as one of the worst movies ever.

Cleveland will have an NHL franchise in the next 10 years.

Mariners pitcher Michael Pineda will win at least one Cy Young award.

The third season of Mad Men will be remembered as the best season of Mad Men.

My parents will never own an HDTV.

The Browns will draft a defensive player in the first round of the 2011 draft.

The Cavs make at least one significant trade on draft night.

I will not break 100 on the golf course this summer.

I will make a birdie on the golf course this summer.

Neither Peyton Hillis nor Montario Hardesty will rush for 1,000 yards in 2011.

The Browns will finish 30th or lower in run defense in 2011.

Three Indians starters will win 15 games in 2011.



  1. If three Indians starters win 15 games we WILL win the AL Central.

  2. I seriously think Royals and Indians will fight for the AL central
    Hang over 2 is going to be great
    I would kill for an NHL team in Cleveland
    Pineda wont win anything
    Browns will draft a defensive stud first pick
    Cavs will make at least one maybe 2 picks on draft night
    ill break 100 before you
    Browns will have at least a top 20 defense
    I see two Indians starters winning 17games

  3. NHL will never hit Cleveland….See every team that has never made it here … Barons and Crusaders…Bernard King spent most of his years in NY where Carmelo has not so that one is weak …. Good luck on the “birdie” I guess …. Seriously hope three starters win 15…that would make my season !

  4. Hammer’s prediction merely cements what I’ve always believed….there will never be an NHL team in Cleveland.

    In fact, the chances of Cleveland LOSING a team (hint: Cavs) are far, far, far larger than gaining a team.

  5. From what I hear Goldie will NEVER break 100. Anyone that is fired up about hitting from the LADIES TEES will NEVER break 100…ever!!! How GolfTec EVER let Goldie be a semi-spokesperson previously was an amazing sales job by somebody over at KNR!? At least C-Fed is an athlete…or was!


    P.S. – Saying a few decent things about OUR Tribe is not going to ever make Clevelanders consider you one of their own – EVER!!! We will NEVER want YOU representing what Cleveland sports fans are “thinking” in a national story environment…maybe one day Rizzo will step it up??!! Hear that, Rizz?

  6. There will not be an NHL team in Cleveland. It would be an oversaturation of the market with 3 teams within 2 hours already (Col, Pitt, Det) . Decent attendance numbers at Monster playoff games does not translate to supporting an NHL expansion team who would suck for a few years. Who would be left to support them after the new car smell wore off?

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