What did Heckert Say?

By Munch

I do not speak JIVE like Barbara Billingsley in AIRPLANE but I do speak IMPAIRED (slurring, mumbling after one too many and I CAN TRANSLATE THAT LANGUAGE!) and i also speak “GENERAL MANAGER-ESE” and here’s what was REALLY SAID YESTERDAY!  Also some facts are noted!

* OK, the words BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER came out frequently as Tom Heckert spoke to the media at 76 Lou Groza Blvd!

Tom also made the following points…

* He would not say NO CHANCE THEY WOULD NOT PICK A QB AT #6 “if by an act of God a legit HOF QB was there!”  READ INTO THIS – The only shot at being elite this year is with CAM NEWTON but that is ONLY A SHOT so NO QB but…

* They may trade and get more choices in the 2nd or 3rd IF a QB is there that someone else wants.

* Beauty of being bad – you have a lot of needs!

* Concerning Julio Jones and AG Green it was noted BOTH ARE GOOD, EACH BRINGS SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO THE TABLE and likewise BOTH HAVE SOME SIMILAR TRAITS – they can catch the football BUT the Eagles won with guys similar to Mo Mass, Brian Ro and Chanci!  REMEMBER THAT!

* When asked if there was ONE KEY THING THAT CAN HAPPEN AHEAD OF YOU IN DRAFT to change things he did say NO MATTER WHO ANY OTHER TEAM TAKES, Browns will still get someone of JOE HADEN’s ilk!

* When talking TOM HECKERT history does say he will go DEFENSE!

– Positions most important to the club are: QB / LT / DE and CB!

– BEST AVAILABLE player was noted again!

– Also coming up was that VONN MILLER really is a 3-4 playa and BOWERS is HEALTHY!!

* Experts may not really be “EXPERTS!”  Love that!

* Browns take in this order:

– Peterson

– Dareus

– Miller



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  1. Best player is right. Though Fedor thinks WR is the biggest need we have a BUNCH OF THEM !! It is easy to point to the other needs you have when you do not take the pick you think they should. Peterson should be the guy. We will not fill all needs this year Chris. Best available. IMPACT IS THE WORD !! NOT NEED.

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