The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

I strolled into ESPN Cleveland SMILING this morning!  YUP, the hour still started w/ 4a (!!) AND how can C TOWN NOT BE PUMPED for what is coming down this week…

* Keep voting as we will have a CLEVELAND BROWN on the cover of Madden12.  Peyton Hillis IS deserving but…YOU willing to test the “Madden Curse?”  Ala Larry Fitzgerald I say Hillis looks at the curse(jinx) and POPS IT SQUARE IN THE KISSER!

* Concerning the “DESERVING” comment: IF and WHEN the majority vote for Peyton how can one say he is NOT deserving?  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE!

* Wing King of C Town store qualifiers are tomorrow night at BWW’s!  I will be at BWW Bainbridge (7p-9p) and the ESPN Cleveland Street Team in Broadview Hts and every other store will choose their champ to head to Fairview park 5/4/11!  REMEMBER – hook up with THE REALLY BIG SHOW (TRBS) tomorrow LIVE on air if YOU have been a slacker and not qualified!

* Thursday it is OUR Super Bowl BROWNS NATION!  The NFL DRAFT!  I’ll see you with TRBS (9a01p) at BARLEY HOUSE then at Harpo’s as we rock ya’ 3p – Midnight and you wanna also talk rounds 2 and 3?  Afternoon R&R LIVE from Johnny Malloy’s Medina 3p – 7:30p FRIDAY then off to the Gladiators game!

I will hold off on the weekend for now, but when talking draft there is little doubt the Browns GO DEFENSE!  Heckert’s M.O. is defense and all the guys REALIZE that you must make life HECK for the opposing QB!

My list?

* Peterson

* Dareus

* Quinn

* Miller

The big thing to look at Thursday is will NEWTON and GABBERT  go in the TOP 5?  If so, Browns will have their choice of anyone on their list OR trading down to garb another 2nd rounder!!

Enjoy every sandwich!



  1. Is it really that important to have Hillis on the cover of a video game? All it proves is that Cl;eveland fans have a lot of time to spend in front of the computer, clearing their history and voting over and over. Even John Gorman thinks this is shady

    • Right on Mark. Browns fans are loyal to a fault to the Brownies (as I dawned my Browns cap @ work today). Getting a smile from my Manager, a season ticket holder. Peyton was as fun to watch last year as Harrison was @ the end of last year. I can proudly say I voted for him in every round. Amazing the turnout the Browns fans can give.

      Still like Peterson, Von Miller, AJ Green. IF none of them are there, please DON’T take QUINN. Let’s not have a Hardesty for our #6 pick.

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