Return To Work

By Will Burge

Yesterday, in a place far away from any field goal posts or tackling dummies, the immediate future of the NFL was decided.

Judge Susan Nelson ruled that the “lockout is enjoined”. This means that until an appeal is presented in court, the NFL lockout is over. The NFL then moved for a stay until appeal (holding off the decision until the appeal process kicks in) but the motion was denied by Nelson.

What does all this legal mumbo jumbo mean? Game on … for now.

Cleveland Browns’ player rep Scott Fujita sent out an email that I received Monday night around 10pm that said the players will return to work on Tuesday whether the NFL likes it or not.

“As soon as Judge Nelson lifted the lockout this afternoon, a number of my teammates called and asked me if they could return to work. Basically, I told them: ‘I don’t see why not’,” said Fujita.

Most of the players around the league are not in the cities for which they play currently. Many are in their home towns working out at high schools, colleges, or even community gyms.

Fujita said that the players who are currently in Cleveland will be returning to work tomorrow morning.

“Josh Cribbs and Ben Watson called to inform me that a number of players will be returning to the facility tomorrow morning at 10am.”

Before you start rejoicing Browns fans, know that the NFL does not plan on the season starting with this decision. In fact, Greg Aiello told via email that players will not be let in to work out tomorrow morning.

“We do not intend to start the league year until we have had an opportunity to seek a stay,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

If this happens things could get interesting.

Scott Fujita said that the teams have no right to keep them out of the building now that the lockout has essentially been lifted.

“Any player who decides to go to work tomorrow is doing so under the ruling that Judge Nelson rendered today. Her court order prevents the clubs from locking out players under contract, so by law, they can show up for work. Unless and until the judge issues an order for a stay (delay of the injunction), the teams will be in violation of Judge Nelson’s order if they don’t allow access.”

Game on, in more ways than one.


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  1. Big deal ! Let us know when they are back ! I don’t need to know if they are allowed to use the locker room urinals or not UPDATE.

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