Hillis Is On The Cover Of Madden, Get Over It

By: T.J. Zuppe

Browns running back Peyton Hillis has been named the Madden 2012 cover boy. If this makes you upset, you truly need to get a hobby.

Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis

In beating out Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, and running the gauntlet of a tournament style bracket, Hillis has earned an honor never before bestowed upon a football player: being voted on to the cover of the most popular sports video game in the world.

Does the bruising back deserve to be on the latest installment of the Madden NFL series? No, probably not in the past sense of what it means to be on the cover.

But that is just it. We are not in Kansas anymore.

EA Sports changed the name of the game, nearly literally. They took the decoration once awarded by the video game itself, and placed it firmly in the hands of the fans.

It is now a popularity contest, nothing more or nothing less.

Stop whining about Hillis not being deserving. Quite frankly, you are flat-out wrong, and you just look flat-out silly.

By the current rules, there is no one more deserving.

Regardless of how, he won every match-up in his bracket. He has the fanatical fans of the Browns to thank for that.

Hillis Will Grace The Cover Of Madden 12

Do not blame the cult hero, when his following raises up to grant him recognition for his hard nosed play…

Here is the bottom line – It is a video game.

It is not a legal document. It is not the President of the United States. It is not the Pope.

It is a freaking video game…

Get over yourself, buy the game and enjoy it. We already know you will.

But what about the curse you ask? Forget about it.

Being on the cover of Madden has about as much to do with season ending injuries, as I do with supermodels.

After all, if Cleveland is already cursed, mixing it with more bad mojo should turn it positive, right? I think I remember something from math class about that…

Stop worrying, stop whining, mix in some decaf, and just relax.

A Cleveland Brown is going to grace the cover of one of the most popular games of all time, and yet people are losing their minds as if this is a bad thing?

What kind of twilight zone is this? Y’all must be crazy.

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  1. TJ- Did you write this in anticipation of Hillis winning? Haha nice write up. I agree with ya completely. Some other ESPN writer commented on the Cleveland Curse cancelling out the Madden Curse.

    With that said, I’m on my way to Vegas and putting the farm on the Browns to win the SB this season, who’s with me????

  2. Calm down.

  3. i have to agree. it became a popularity contest. and Browns Nation is strong so is Hilis popularity from Fantasy Play this year.

  4. Don’t forget Hillis still has a huge fan base in Denver…the fact that he was traded to Cleveland was hugely unpopular.

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