Oh My!

By Greg Brinda

OSU football is a mess. And it isn’t over. Perhaps Jim Tressel should resign. It’s not like Ohio State couldn’t find a capable replacement. Who wouldn’t want that job? In fact you’d have prospective replacements lined up all way down High Street.

I’ve been a fan of The Ohio State for 50 years but I don’t bleed scarlet and gray. Why would I? It’s only a sports program. I just don’t root and cheer with a blindfold on.

When the team does wrong then my reaction isn’t good. I don’t understand those who just keep writing the checks no matter what. Hey could I have some of that money?

Tressel really screwed up. He signed a document that was false and he lied. He was the adult here and acted like one of his kids. The bloom is off the rose and you know what a three-week-old rose looks like.

Finally thank god the NFL draft is finally here. No more mock drafts. No more big boards. No more analysis until there’s nothing left to analyze.

Just wondering, what do you do with those big boards you fans have at home? Do they make nice coffee tables?



  1. I agree to an extent. However, I don’t think Tressel knew the extent of how serious the violations were. Honestly, do you think every coach knows and enforces the strict control of all of their players and their PERSONAL and EARNED belongings? Those things Pryor and friends sold were THEIRS. Sorry, but the NCAA benefits all the way to the BANK on these kids and the second they profit… even from selling something that belongs to them, they are suddenly chastised for it.

    I’m not jumping on the Tressel hate wagon. Enjoy the ride, but this situation is bull$%#@.

  2. Hey mop up guy: What is the problem with fans doing their own “big board” and being into it?! If nobody cared – you would be complaining about that and be out of a job (((what SHOULD happen if karma is any hope for us down the road with you))).

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t with you…

    Go Tribe! They are doing great despite your lame post-game show…no, really!

  3. If you are not into either why waste time posting. I think golf is not a sport and sucks really but I don’t make it a point to belabor it. Would you like 25 reasons why golf is a game and not a sport. I can do it off the top of my head in 5 minutes. Any sport where ie pants like Jimmy Hanlon’s and shoes with tassles are the uniform is a joke. His pants look like my mom’s 1967 drapes.

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