Roda’s AFC North First Round Mock Draft

By: Kenny Roda

Here’s how I think things will go in the 1st round of today’s NFL Draft in the AFC North:

At #4 the Bengals will be deciding between QB-Blaine Gabbert and WR-A.J. Green. Owner Mike Brown is stubborn, and just to spite QB Carson Palmer and make him wonder what they’re going to do for another day, Mike Brown will take WR-A.J. Green and try to get his quarterback in the 2nd round of the draft.

Alabama Wide Receiver Julio Jones

At #6 the Browns would love to get their hands on CB-Patrick Peterson, that is who I want them to get as well, but I don’t think he going to be there. I hear the Cardinals would rather sign a veteran free agent QB like Marc Bulger and take a QB later in the draft, so I expect the Cardinals to take Peterson at #5. So A.J. Green is already gone, as well as Von Miller, and Marcel Dareus. That leaves the Browns to pick from a pool of WR-Julio Jones, DE-Robert Quinn, DT-Nick Fairley and OT-Tyron Smith.  From this group I think the Browns take WR-Julio Jones to give Colt McCoy the wide receiver he needs in the West Coast offense.

At #26 the Baltimore Ravens will be looking for defensive help and they’ll have a solid group to pick from at this point in the draft. They’ll grab one of these 5 players:

CB-Jimmy Smith, DE-Cam Heyward, LB-Akeem Ayers DE-Adrain Clayborn or DE-Muhammad Wilkerson. In the end, even though he has had some off the field issues, I think the Ravens take CB-Jimmy Smith.

At #31 the Pittsburgh Steelers will be looking for the best player available at one of 3 positions. Their biggest need is at corner back. Aaron Rogers pointed that out in the Super Bowl. Next is offensive line, Clay Mathews Jr. pointed that out in the Super Bowl as well. Finally, they’re getting old on the defensive line and need to get younger. So having laid it out like that, the Steelers should be picking from a group of players from each of those positions. That group could include: CB-Aaron Williams, CB-Brandon Harris, OL-Danny Watkins, DE-Cam Heyward and DE-Adrian Clayborn. Because it’s a pass happy league and they Steelers secondary is below average, they’re almost forced to take the best available corner that’s left at this point in the draft. So with that in mind I have Pittsburgh selecting CB-Aaron Williams.

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