The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Why oh why are my thoughts taking me to the Steel City?  Hmmm…well, I am CERTAIN that Rashard Mendenhall has played his last game as a stiller AND he is NOT allowed in C Town!  Have him hang w/ AP or John Rocker!  Speaking of Adrian Peterson, IF FOOTBALL IS SLAVERY, then QUIT!!!  The Vikings will not cut part of your foot off or whip you if you walk and are caught!  YUP – to any player not digging being slaves as NFL players, QUIT!!!  Catch the bus at E. 65th and Fleet and head to the plant.  Carry your lunch box and REALLY work for a living!

Now, in talking to PITT PANTHER sideline reporter John Seibel today, I wanted to share this 411 on JABAAL SHEARD and JASON PINKSTON with you!


* Jabaal messed up with the fight he was in.  One of his guys bit off more than he could chew and BIG BRO J came to the rescue.  He protected a friend but was wrong, real wrong!

* Now, on the field he is an ANIMAL and loves playing the game!

* If someone gets HIM,  he will acknowledge it with a head tap or smile BUT let them know he is on them next!

* Last year he was double AND tripled teamed due to the other starting DE Greg Romeus being out!

* YES, he is a leader!

* Something people are NOT pointing out is he helped an elderly woman from a burning building when he was back in FLA visiting family.



* Not a star, but a reliable, dependable lineman!

* GREAT FIT FOR THE RIGHT SIDE (even though he was a LT) especially RG as he has quick feet!

* A MAN!  Played hurt all last year with lower body injuries!

* YES, he is a leader!

There ya’ go!

Enjoy every sandwich


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  1. Geez Munch, you did not even mention Mendenhall saying Bin-Laden was possibly misunderstood and should be given the benefit of the doubt. They blew Santonio out of town. I can see Mendenhall packing his crap soon too ! Pinkston was 2X Big East. Both he and Sheard do not have long track records. Just blemishes. Welcome aboard guys !

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