Seeing Is Believing, Or Is It?

By Kenny Roda

Wow we’re 30 games into the Indians season and the Wahoo Warriors are tied for the best record in baseball with the Phillies at (21-9). That’s the best start in franchise history for the Tribe, tying the 1995 squad, and we all know where that team ended up.

How has it happened? Great starting pitching has been the biggest key. Justin Masterson has been an unbelievable surprise, along with Josh Tomlin. After a horrific opening day start, Fausto Carmona has rebounded and proved to be the ace of this staff.

The defense has been a major upgrade over last year and the timely hits in the late innings have been amazing. Sprinkle in a little bullpen help, and a great job so far by closer Chris Perez, and you have one of the best pitching staffs through the first 30 games in the bigs.

Are they for real? That’s the question I think all of baseball is wondering. Is what we’re seeing from this Manny Acta managed team legit, or is it the byproduct of taking advantage of an early season schedule that has heavily favored the Tribe? I think it’s a combination of the schedule and players starting to believe in themselves. There have been so many doubters, I’m one of the biggest, that these players had to come in with some doubt in their minds. But after you get a few hits, make a few pitches and then win a few in a row, you don’t doubt as much. You start to believe in yourself and your teammates and then it can snowball to the point where you say, why not us!

Will it continue? We’re going to find out in the months of May and June. The schedule gets a lot tougher both at home and on the road. We should know by the end of June if this team is a legit playoff contender, or if they have just made good strides in becoming at least a .500 baseball team in 2011, but with a brighter future down the road.

So as we wait to find out if they are for real, enjoy them. Support them. They’ve earned my attention and my interest and I’m sure a lot of yours. So watch them on the TV. Listen in on the radio to see how they’re doing. Or maybe better yet, take in a ball game in person so you can see for yourself if Wahoo Baseball is for real.



  1. great points K ( short for Kenny), but im still not sure i can get behind them. a big part of that is how MLB is run with no salary cap, revenue sharing or even forcing the owners to spend the money they recieve from the luxury tax on the MLB team directly. and another is the fact that the Dolans have not proved they can/will/want to keep a winner around. but the Dolans are a small part of it to me.

    • Put your big boy pants on, Ron and get with the Tribe in 2011!!! Enjoy the season and worry about the way MLB has no salary cap, the Dolan’s recent lack of spending and the rest AFTER the season is over. Hafner, Astrubal, Sizemore and Santana are back this season and healthly right now. Sprinkle in a few SOLID mid-grade free agents that are doing great: Hannahan and Orlando C. to name a couple, keep utilizing a very strong bullpen (including a REAL closer) and ride the great starting pitching. The better then average fielding and agressive “Wahoo baseball” utilized by Manny Acta rounds out the improvements. The timely hitting needs to continue as well.

      The only thing that continues to cloud the season is dealing with the Aaron Goldhammers and Chris Fedors of the world that, contrived as it obviously is, have to be negative to offset the positivity of Rizzo – DAILY!!!

      Kenny and Reghi (and of course Munch) seem to get it and are enjoying the ride now. Brinda…well, he will ALWAYS be Brinda – d’oh! Talk about the weakest link on a station…

  2. Joe, follow your own advice. Throw on those big boy pants. Complaining about Hammer and Fedor in every comment is old. It’s the old good cop/bad cop routine. Peter Brown perfected it, Hammer and Fedor are doing a poor impression but they’re necessary to balance the Rizzo homerism.

    • Hard to argue with your logic, Scott. I just can’t believe they won’t change some of the BS we have to listen to as our local options are so limited on local sports talk. Maybe you are right – pretty much a lost cause at this point and we have to take the good woth the bad at wknr – and there is a TON of bad!

      It just comes across SOOOOO contrived – usually the thing that needs done at a station with poor ratings and nothing else to do.

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