Twitter Losers

By Will Burge

Why do people feel they can say anything to anyone on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media mediums? I understand that by signing up for accounts you open up the lines of communication between you and everyone else, but where are the boundaries?

Recently, a few of my co-workers and friends have been accused of things on social media which people have not been able to prove.

One of the best parts about social media is that the divide between the person who is well known and the everyday Joe is basically eliminated.

Unfortunately, some people are not mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes along with this access.

If someone who is known tweets, direct messages, or posts something that is vulgar, racist, inappropriate, or otherwise disconcerting they will be held accountable by the company which employs them.

If they are in the media, the teams which they cover can pull credentials and restrict access which will directly affect their employment.

So what is the repercussion for the “average Joe?”

There is none.

We take heat every day. It comes in the form of intelligent conversation, funny quips about our personal appearance or knowledge, and also in the form of belligerently ignorant rants.

This is what we signed up for. Not just when we enabled our twitter accounts and opened up our thoughts to the world, but also when we first chose to enter this business and decided that our names and personalities would become public domain.

I have no problem with any of that.

What I do have a problem with, however, is when people blatantly lie about things people said to or about them. Remember, this is America and EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty.

So someone sent you a racist direct message? Prove it. Post a picture of the message.

Take the time to prove the ignorance that is spewing out of your mouth. If it is THIER ignorance, then you should show the world who they truly are. But if it is YOUR ignorance, and you are trying to make people believe that YOU have been hurt by something YOU made up, then you are a loser.

Not only are you a loser, but there needs to be action taken against you.

Sports are supposed to be an escape from everyday life. When you have a bad day at the office you can always turn on the Indians game.

If your wife leaves you, the Cavaliers’ games will still be on television. They are not going anywhere.

So if you find yourself thinking angrily at a sports talk personality, take a deep breath and do one of the following: unfollow them, turn off the station, or unfriend them on Facebook.

Do not stoop to the level of trashing someone else’s career and name just because there are no consequences to your lies.

To you, this is entertainment. To them, this is life.



  1. Will, I agree with that people shouldn’t make up things about you or your co-hosts on Twitter, but I do find it somewhat ironic how KNR staff are reacting to this when this station has made in my opinion similiar offenses. For example:

    I recall an employee commenting about a Browns defensive player striking them. Yet I have not seen one item in the media about the former Browns player being arrested or charged with anything.
    I recall a current station host aluding on twitter that a former Cleveland Browns offensive player’s orientation.

    So Will I agree with your article but maybe KNR should practice what you preach.

  2. Will,

    I dont use twitter but i am on facebook. I comment on a frequent to almost daily on power hour and other KNR posts. I know the situation you are refereing to having heard it this morning on Rizzos show. While i dont like Feodor that much as a host. i feel for him that some one is blatantly lieing about things he said/didnt say.

  3. Here’s the deal…we are Clevelanders and do not need the negativity from Fedor and Aaron EVERY day. There is NO way to complain about it and get through in an actionable WAT to anyone…EVER. I am NOT condoning lieing or what happened to C-Fed. However, if he thinks he has to be negative 99% of the time and act like he works on a national show that takes pot shots at Cleveland ALL the time, he is going to have to suffer some ramifications. Aaron is very lucky he has not gotten cold cocked in some bar for the way he treats callers and Cleveland in general.

    I know some of it is shtick, but enough already. Bad enough it makes the station look weak and desparate for ratings…but on ond on it goes. I just want to put my radio on WKNR and be able to enjoy it in the background while I work my day in my office and my car. Impossible to do with Fedor and Aaron doing their thing…every freakin’ day! Rizz blurts out his famous “Aarons!!!” all show long and nothing happens. Fedor tries to chime in all the time and it comes across as a 3rd wheel most of the time. Aaron telling us he got swirlied in school today is a great example of why he is such a little ball of hate and loves to hang up on callers and pick on OSU when they are down.

    I am borderline ready to turn off the station as are MANY of my friends and associates. Keith Williams is clueless…says Aaron does not hang up on callers??!! What? Reghi and Roda go back and forth all show long calling each other by name over and over. As in “You know Reg”… or “Kenny you are right about that…” – ALL SHOW LONG. Like ametuer radio. Not to mention Kenny making his frat comments all show long about “hotties” that would laugh in his face as he advertises for hair replacements and a dating service! LOL…

    Don’t even get me started on Bacon Brinda…talk about a washed up retread. “Hall of Famer”??????? THAT is a joke…no, really!!!

    Enough for now as I wait out a Tribe rain delay – especially since I KNOW that this has been a waste of time as it always is. Craig K. does his joke survey every year…to what end? Nothing changes and Aaron still “speaks for the fans of Cleveland” when a national sports story comes out of the area. Craig said he would NOT do that anymore and on and on it goes. Seriously? A bed wetting, Bronco fan that wants to hit from the ladies tees and just told us about getting swirlied in high school is representing us?! Rizzo needs to step it up or leave! Enough about Fox 8 already Rizzo, that is over – like your career might be if you keep letting Aaron do all your twitter / e-mail and handle all of YOUR callers. Who would stay on hold for an hour to get hung up on by that weasel from Denver that will talk about Carmello until your ears bleed.

    BTW – the standard reaction of all those mentioned above is that people like me are jealous losers that live in their Mom’s basement – NOT HERE! Good luck guys…

  4. Well put, Joe;

    I agree that what is said on social media is cowardly, especially if it is a lie with no proof at all.

    WKNR receives scorn as Cleveland deserves a great sports radio station, and has none. Mike Greenberg announcing that Goldhammer , a “radio host” in Cleveland was going to comment on the Lebron James apology is laughable. The RBS is a bad joke , and sounds like my 4 sisters fighting over stupid things- what a waste. Fedor on the air in the morning, night, and weekends is ludicrous, as he is not the sports guru he pretends to be; however, he probably makes no money. Thank goodness that Munch is on 1540, as he sounds like a drunken troll. When Karmazin announces the survey results, it will be like the Wizard of Oz- “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.
    It is too bad that Cleveland, a great sports town, has to listen to this junk.

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