Get Out Your Lucky Charms

Tuesday night’s NBA Lottery could help set the tone in turning around the Cavaliers future and it all comes down to luck. Not a 3-point shot at the buzzer, a defensive stop in the last minute or a coaching decision. Nope, it’s all about those ping-pong balls that I talked about all season long bouncing the right way for Dan Gilbert, Chris Grant and the Cavaliers.  If the right combination of numbers come up for the Cavs to ensure they get the #1 overall pick, it would be a major step in the right direction of recovering from the devastation of LeBron James leaving for South beach last summer. That #1 overall pick would allow them to draft Duke PG Kyrie Irving, viewed by many (including yours truly) as the only true immediate difference maker in the lottery.  In what has turned into a point guard driven league, Irving would give the Cavaliers someone to build around for many years and someone who has all the skills needed to not only run a team, but be the leader of a team as well.

There’s a major drop off in my opinion in the talent after Irving in the lottery, and while the Cavaliers have two lottery picks and two 2nd round picks, it’s the first overall pick that would make an immediate impact on next year’s team and also set them up for the future.

So whatever good luck charms you have, get them out today. Start rubbing them, wearing them, carry them around with you through Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery show.  The Cavs need all the luck they can get to turn this franchise around.


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