Duh! Winning!

By Greg Brinda

The Cavs won games at the end of the season. The coach and players needed this. Nothing is gained by losing. WINNIING

The Cavs also got the number one pick in the NBA Draft with the Clippers pick that had about a zero chance of being at the top. (Take that Roda) WINNING

The Cavs also sold some more season tickets because of that which helps Dan Gilbert’s bottom line. WINNING

The Indians have the best record in baseball in the middle of May. WINNING WINNING WINNING

The Tribe is also scoring more runs than anyone else in the American League and the team’s pitching is also near the top. WINNING

Fans are seeing the Tribe at cut-rate prices..that equals more fans in the seats. Dolans like that. WINNING

The Browns I think had a pretty successful draft…at least on paper. WINNING

With all this rain we probably won’t have to water our lawns this summer. WINNING

And finally if the Miami Heat don’t win the NBA Championship this season that will be the ULTIMATE WINNING.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


1 Comment

  1. High impact picks are the quickest way to rebound. Not 8 token wins. If that.
    Golf is not a sport either.

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