How Losing Means Winning

By Kenny Roda

Kudos to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert for realizing what had to be done this season. He gets the NBA, unlike a certain WKNR talk show host (Greg Brinda). You have to be either really bad in the NBA or really good to have a shot at winning a title. If not, you’re stuck in mediocrity for a long period of time and you end up going nowhere. Now as a competitor myself, losing is not fun, believe me I get that, no one really likes to lose, unless losing enough in one season, helps you win for the future, and that’s exactly what happened with the Cavs this year.

Yes it’s true the Cavs pick didn’t win the lottery, it was the Clippers pick, and again kudos to Dan for allowing Chris Grant to make the Clippers trade and taking on that salary of Baron Davis to better their lottery chances. What that did was increase the Cavs lottery chances from 19.9% to 22.7% by adding more ping pong balls in the hopper, or in this case more combinations on the wall, and that was my motto all season long.  The more chances you have in the lottery, whether it was your pick, or any other you acquired, the better off you were and look how that worked out.  Just think about this if you want to get greedy. Had the Cavs ended up with the worst record in the league they would have been picking 1st and 2nd instead of 1st and 4th, but we’re not going to complain.  The key in all of this was landing the number #1 spot, which they did. So now, if his foot checks out, they can take Duke point guard Kyrie Irving with the 1st overall pick in the draft and start the rebuilding process and the healing process.

Thanks again Dan, for getting it and proving my point.  In fact here’s a quote from Dan Gilbert about winning the NBA’s Draft Lottery:

“It’s huge. To be able to turn it around, or have the opportunity to turn it around this quickly, umm, with that losing streak, we went through hell during the season, we all did,  But think of it this way, if we would have come out of it with 35 wins, we wouldn’t be talking about this tonight and we would have been stuck in the middle. So as painful as it is, going through what we went through, ah it turns out that, it was probably worth it.”

Yes it was Dan!



  1. nice blog roadman.. I don’t get brinda’s logic at all.. He tried to explain himself but never really makes a valid argument for his reasoning other then saying “I hate losing”.. Who doesn’t greg? But its necessary ..

    • Brinda NEVER makes any sense…EVER! He has been riding his “hall of fame” award for years – talk about a joke. Still can never forget when the Cav’s were down 0-2 to Detroit a few years back and he said he would hang up on any caller that had the audacity to say the Cav’s still had a chance. We roared back in that series, but ended up losing in the end. He actually sounded GLAD we lost at the end of the series – would rather have us lose then be proven wrong – talk about a LOSER! Pretty much a perfect microcosm of his PATHETIC career!!!! Throw in the annoying pregnant pauses and never ending laughing at his own lame jokes and comments and you get what you get: A REALLY WASHED UP “HANGER ON” RADIO PERSONALITY THAT NEVER, EVER WOULD BE IN ANY HALL OF FAME IN THIS DAY IN AGE. He knows it’s true as well…just will never change.

      Roda does his homework and is prepared. Brinda – NEVER has!!! Time to dump the weakest link at the station and utilize some of your other talent, Craig Karmazin!!! Why put it off any longer? Dump his lazy butt now! The picture of him sleeping sitting in his chair over last weekend in Milwaukee rivaled him falling down jogging to first base while hitting into a doble play at a softball game on YouTube. So sad, you almost just want to look away.

      I totally agree with what Kenny wrote in his blog. We shall see if solid drafting (earned with losing a ton this past season) will get this team heading back in the right direction. Especially with Andy a some other injured palyers coming back healthy for next season!!!

  2. I don’t like Irving with that #1 pick! Too risky! There are 3 PG’s on our board without much of a drop off between them, and we have the #1 and #4 pick. That means if we take someone else with that #1 pick, we’ll still be able to get one of the top 3 PG’s at #4.

    No one’s seen Kanter play, he’s got one video on Youtube. He’s an 18 year old kid with a really short resume, and at 6’10” he’s a really short center. Maybe he’ll make a great PF or SF, but what do we have to base that on? We’d be guessing with Kanter, and we don’t want to guess with our #1 or #4 pick.

    After Derrick Williams there is a big drop off in bigs. Williams is two inches shorter than Kanter, but at SF, his resumes a LOT larger. Take Williams with that #1 pick, then with that #4 pick take whoever’s left of Brandon Knight, Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker. I would be happy with any of those three at PG.

  3. Good to have an owner with fire instead of a cookie-cutter suit. Love the guy and Chris Grant is working great magic with an owner willing to spend. That high second pick will be interesting ! I am actually excited on the Caballeros !

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