The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Baseball is a funny game, a GREAT game but one of mystery, superstition and YES, a MARATHON, not a sprint but with all that noted, it is ALSO A GAME that gets into teams or players heads, OR players OR TEAMS get into someone’s head OR a teams psyche!!!

We always have been trying to get that YANKEE KILLER pitcher and right now, a team is KILLING one of our main guys!  YUP, Fausto just cannot handle the White Sox!  Opening Day 14 runs and last night 8 – OUCH!  Can we skip him vs. the Pale Hose?  Probably not, as when it is YOUR TURN in the rotation it IS your turn!  Carmona will HAVE to overcome!

OK, I am not flipped out (NOT YET!) by the Tribe gettin’ swept by the White Sox, are you?  Why not?

* Indians split on the road!

* Indians still best record in baseball!

* Indians are HOME for 6!

Now, the Hafner injury scares me SINCE Choo and Santana are NOT performing…simply put!  I want Pronk back ASAP and the #’s 3 and 4 hitters (see above) MUST START ROCKIN’!  YES, they MUST!  Also must cast off the Delucci/J Mike/Trots jinx in the OF – w/o Grady in CF AND Brantley on LF – we are in “some hurt!”

Indians need to go 4-2 on home stand and it begins tonight!

See you at Berea HS this afternoon for HS baseball action (GO ‘cats and Wolverines!), at the Avon lake Little League Fields (Blesser Park) tonight, Ontario and Carnegie off and on all weekend, the Gladiators game Saturday (7p) at the Q and the Lacrosse fields of North Canton Sunday!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos – long may you run!



  1. Should we trot out Jerad Head, a righty who is killing it in Columbus which is what I would like to do and cut Kearns, but with Sizemore and Hafner down, they probably
    want the veteran influence. I go youth and maybe in years to come we talk about the lightening in the bottle and when we brought up Head due to injury at a critical time with injuries to Grady and Travis…I can only figure Valnobuena is a lefty and who cares if we burn those options compared to Jerad Head or Ezekiel Carrera in AAA. Go Tribe…..Gladiators ?

  2. Luv your enthusiasm for OUR Tribe, Munch!!! It might be time to lay off Choo…a bit: He has an 8 game hitting streak going now and is starting to break through. This seems to be one of those teams that really are a “team” WITH A LOT OF DIFFERENT GUYS picking each other up! Wahoo baseball, baby! Manny Acta is THE band leader and keeping the guys focused and working through mistakes…NICE!!!

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