A Tweet Night At The Ballpark

Here’s the way I was feeling last night as I watched from the press box as the Indians beat the Red Sox 3-2 in yet another last at bat win. A tweet-by-tweet description as it was unfolding before my very eyes. Count me in now. I’m a believer!

At Tribe\Red Sox game, hard to believe weather was so bad everywhere else. 0-0 in top of 3rd.

Indians game note: this year after 44 games Indians 29-15. Last year at the 44 game mark the Indians were 17-27.

Best start after 44 games in team history for the Tribe? 1995 – 33-11.

Asdrubal Cabrera just lit up Clay Buchholz for his 10th HR of the season. 1-1 in the 4th.

Asdrubal Cabrera now 7 hits in his last 7 at bats with 3 HR’s.

Sitting here in the press box at The Pro wondering who’s going to be the late inning hero tonight with a 2-run homer to win it?

Sorry gotta do it, you go Manny Onions!

The Manny chant loud & strong from the crowd as Acta gets tossed for 1st time this season for arguing play at 1st base.

The genius that is Manny Acta. Gets his team fired up in a tight game & buys time for his bullpen to get ready.

By the way the new leader in the clubhouse for Manny Acta’s nickname is “Manny Wins”! Yes or No?

Could Austin Kearns go yard for the 1st time?

Guess not.

An awesome at bat by Michael Brantley to single in tying run in bottom of 8th.

The late inning magic continues….Asdrubal Cabrera with an RBI double to give the tribe the lead 3-2 in bottom 8th with 2 out.

MVP chants for Asdrubal Cabrera from the crowd. Cabrera is 8 for his last 9 with 7 RBI’s.

TRIBE beats Boston for the 4th straight time this season, now 4 & 0. The Final 3-2. Indians now a MLB best 30-15 on the year!

Indians now 11-7 in 1-run games this season! WOW!

Justin Masterson doing post-game interview in Duh Winning t-shirt

Just got done with a 1-on-1 post game interview with Indians centerfielder Michael Brantley. Listen for it tomorrow on Afternoon R&R.

How you like them apples Bostonian?!

Tribe beats Red Sox tonight, Private screening of Hangover 2 tomorrow & Dinner with Legends Mark Price & Craig Ehlo on Wednesday at Mortons. Life is good!



  1. Good stuff, Kenny! Except for the “onions” dealio again referring to Manny “The Bandleader of Wahoo Baseball” Acta!!! He clearly stated, and you repeated on air on Monday, that he did NOT like that nickname. Why not take care of the skip and lose it? I know it seems to be a lot to ask for some reason…

    What a great game on national TV (except in Cleveland!). Sorry Bostonian…eat some crow. Good luck getting a word in edgewise with any of the hosts as they will no doubt talk over or hang up (you are SKILLED at that, Swirley-boy) on you as it takes a lot of talent and finesse to treat a guy in his 60’s like a punching bag. I am not a Boston fan – at all, but am amazed how this individual is treated by the hosts for the most part. Heaven forbid a caller is ever on the air for more then 30 seconds on WKNR! I love it when Kenny or Aaron (Swirley-boy) engage a caller for a few SECONDS and then proceed to breakdown what the caller said and sometimes wonder what he meant? Of course, if the caller was still available, he could answer that. But no, we get to hear about Swirley-boy’s daily Bronco attire or God know what else…OUT.

  2. Boston blows. Their fans are total goofs. Is PEDROYER out for tonite I hope ? Their payroll is over $200M and they are barely over .500.

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