Sad, Sad Day

By Greg Brinda

Just a few months ago Jim Tressel had the greatest job in the world. He was the head football coach of The Ohio State University and was untouchable.

Today he’s out of a job and his image has been tarnished.

How did this all happen and is Tressel really a bad guy?

Last question first. Tressel is NOT a bad guy. He just made a huge error in judgment because he wanted to protect kids who he thought more of than they thought of him.

That’s what bothers me most is that these kids let their coach down when I doubt he would have ever done that to them.

No Tressel should not have lied. He owed the university and the NCAA the truth. Why he didn’t tell the truth, only Tressel really knows. Tressel didn’t cheat. He just turned the other way and let things go on that really should not have. For that he paid the ultimate price with his job.

The NCAA likes to go after the big boys. The committee is salivating like it did with USC. The Buckeye program will suffer but in the end will hopefully be better. It just may take awhile.

As for Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams and Soloman Thomas, their football lives at Ohio State should be over. How can any of the Buckeye faithful ever root for any of these guys? If they want to keep their scholarships that’s fine, but never again should any of them enjoy the Shoe.

As for Tressel, who knows what his future will be. My guess. He never coaches again.



  1. WOW – Greg Brinda and I TOTALLY agree on something…note the date & time! Well put, Greg. Also, great coverage and perspective on the station yesterday. The ONLY exception being Aaron G. once again “representing the fans of Cleveland” on a national ESPN radio show. He acted like he was surprised and yet has been talking about this for WEEKS! So, now Aaron’s credibility is even more tarnished. I do pass on condolences to him and his family for their loss.

    The point is, we need Rizzo, Munch, Roda, Reghi or even Brinda (shocking!) would be more appropriate for the task of representing Cleveland fans….ANYONE from the station besides Aaron!!!

  2. I am not worried about Hammer. A 26 year old from Denver speaking for Cleveland in all aspects of the LeBron soap opera and especially Ohio State is ludicrous. Bad choice for him to cover anything like these things.

  3. Agree Brinda. Boone said this morning he would reinstate the Tat 5 depending what the record was …. WHAT ?!!! According to Boonie Winning takes precedent over everthing. Those guys have sniffed their last of the Shoe. Lose them all now especially Pryor.

    • Pretty laughable coming from Boone – talk about WASTED potential!!! Winning was definetely NOT the most important thing to him while he was at Ohio State. Partying and making an ass out of himself was… As a proud alumni of Ohio State and NE Ohio native, I NEVER liked hearing about how Boone was from Greater Cleveland. He rarely, if ever, showed up for big games and wasted his career.

      Banish the tat5…get rid of that do nothing athletic director, Gene Smith, and at the very least, MUZZLE that bow tie wearing LOSER Gee. Bring in Urban Meyer and let him lay down the law and make us proud again…until the next fiasco that will no doubt driven by a bunch of thugs masquerading as athletes filled with “entitlement” with their hands out and always wanting more! What a bunch of weak minded punks that tore down the program…Tressel’s mistake was trying to look out for these guys that could NOT be helped. Way to go guys…

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