By Kenny Roda

I should have posted this blog last week when the story broke, but I guess I was hoping that more information would come out in defense of Jim Tressel, but nothing really has.  Will it, never say never, but it doesn’t look like it will at this point.  So with that in mind, here are my thoughts on the resignation of Jim Tressel.

I’m surprised that he resigned when he did.  I thought he would at least make it to the August 12th meeting with the NCAA and then after telling his story and hearing all the information from both sides, he would then make a decision about his future as the head coach at Ohio State, with the best interest of Ohio State in mind.  But my feeling is he was pressured to resign when he did.

Ohio State, the Board of Trustees, alumni and most importantly, the big money donors were  probably tired of hearing all the negative publicity surrounding the University so their message was relayed to Tressel through Athletic Director Gene Smith that they wanted Jim to resign, so he did.  He did what he thought was best for Ohio State moving forward, even if he really didn’t want to do it.

As painful as it was to hear, and it’s still hard for me to believe, Jim has to look in the mirror and realize he brought this on himself, based on what we know to date. Had he taken that first e-mail to the Compliance Department he’s probably still the head football coach at Ohio State today, but the Buckeyes probably don’t win the Big Ten last year and don’t end up in the Sugar Bowl.  He rolled the dice on it and then he lied about it.  That’s the major mistake, of the mistakes that Jim made.  You just don’t lie to the NCAA and get away with it. He did and he got caught, and now he will no longer be walking the sidelines at “The Shoe” in Columbus on Saturday afternoons.

I still respect Jim Tressel and consider him a friend and will support him in the future, but I want to know WHY?  WHY did he bend over backwards to help Terrelle Pryor the way he did.  Sure other kids were involved in this too, but Pryor was the leader of that group and Tressel went out of his way, he broke the rules to help this kid. WHY?  That’s the one question I would love to ask Jim when this is all said and done, and we’re sitting down having a bite to eat or a glass of ice tea. WHY?  What was is about Pryor that you were willing to risk your job for, and put the University in jeopardy as well. WHY?  Hopefully one day I’ll get to ask Jim that question and if so, I can’t wait to hear the answer to WHY he did what he did!




  1. Why?
    As the great philosopher once said……Duh, winning!

  2. Kenny, it is not just a TP thing… he let it slide with Triy Smith taking straight up cash, he let Clarett run the show, etc…. and why? you ask! Because those guys made him a winner… team was never any good with out MC, TS or TP

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