So Many Question Marks

Indians fans, is the sky falling? Is this the dreaded “June swoon?” Or is this just a bad dream? Is this a minor slump, that every team who contends for the playoffs, goes through? Did we buy into a team (I did) that wasn’t as good as its record indicated? That played waaaaay above its head? Who are these guys? What’s the true true story, the true identity of the 2011 Cleveland Indians? Can somebody please tell me?!



  1. I do not think this is the true Indians team, but I dont think the best record in baseball was the true Indians either. Lets face it, we are 1-9 in our last 10 and still in first place and its mid-June. Maybe thinking ahead is what got us in this situation in the first place, now questioning how many games we will lose instead of win.

    First major area of concern is pitching, I feel we are one starter away from being a playoff team. Carmona is a lost cause and I feel the Alex White injury is really lingering. He appeared to me a solid MLB starter in his three starts. I feel like he could be a major shot in this rotations arm; however, that shot will have to wait a few more weeks. Carmona needs to relax and throw that power sinker 85+ times a game. Forget the curveball and slider, pound that sinker, thats what got him to be our “ace” from last year.

    Second area is hitting. Not sure what is wrong here, just feel its a big slump. I keep thinking Choo will come around and Sizemore will steady out, neither has happened yet. I hope it happens sooner than later….

    My last question is to Manny Acta…..where has small ball gone? Earlier this year you were bunting, stealing, hitting and running. You were applying pressure and setting yourself up. Now, many times in this slump, we get one or two on with no outs and we swing away. Today for example, two on no outs, the next three strike out. Why not bunt? I don’t get it, it worked so well earlier in the year.

    Lets go Tribe, I still believe in the post season but will be happy with a record over .500!

  2. Unfortunately, at least part of it is on you! You had the right intentions and I was glad to hear you say that, but the results are disasterous to date. Only person happy abut this is your boy, Aaron…and maybe fedor.

    A healthy Hafner back sooner than later will help…Fausto??? (who knows about him???).

  3. Kenny – we had Shelley Duncan batting cleanup…Justin Masterson who I still think will be very good performing like Walter Johnson and having Brinda saying he would be third in the Cy Young ! Brinda was obviously smoking his shorts. We had Jack Hannahan hitting like Craig Nettles after being off a year… Hafner hitting “lights out” after people screaming to just cut him to free us from the contract…People convincing themselves that Fausto was a true ACE..At this point he should be considered a # 3 at best with his fragile mental state. To their credit we got off to an amazing start because Hafner, Asdrubel, some smoke and mirrors and an amazing pen who will always keep you the game. Amazingly, we did it without Santana and Choo. Sizemore is OK when he is in there. Tomlin has pitched like an All-Star and is the closes thing we have to a # 1 IMO.

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