How It Feels

By: Aaron Goldhammer

I’m not from Cleveland. You probably already know this…

I’m not a Cavs fan. Despite the fact that I’ve lived here for the better part of a decade, LeBron leaving Northeast Ohio did not have nearly as big of an impact on my sports fandom as it had on yours.

All that being said, I found myself rooting hard for the Mavs these last few weeks, and it wasn’t just because of a vendetta against #6.  I enjoy watching team basketball and I think it takes more than three players to win in the NBA. Beyond that, I always secretly rooted for Mark Cuban ever since I met him and his seven cell phones in the visitor’s locker room at the Q in 2007.

I’m happy for Dallas. I’m happy for Cleveland. I’m happy for basketball.

However, the one thing that does not sit well with me tonight is the way that my adopted hometown in being mocked nationally for rooting for the Mavs in this series. Take a look at the reaction on Twitter from some national FOOTBALL writers and analysts …

Football Outsiders Aaron Schatz – Somebody needs to take the trophy to Cleveland. Ray Bourque style.

ESPN’s Ross Tucker – Really happy for city of Cleveland. Been a long time since they won a title like this 🙂

Adam Schefter – Congratulations to Cleveland on ending its drought.

Now, I know that everyone in Cleveland, myself included, is pumped that LeBron lost and played terrible when the games mattered most. However, make no mistake, it’s not even IN THE SAME LEAGUE for how it’s going to feel when this town finally wins something for real.

Please keep that in mind as you set off your fireworks and buy your Mavaliers championship gear…



  1. Aaron,

    You have NO credibility with REAL Cleveland fans. Based on what you have said over the years, you have been here NOWHERE near 10 years! As you like to say, you ARE HERE RIDING RIZZO’S COATAILS. You are doing exactly that and we barely TOLERATE YOU cuz Rizz does. You cuaght him at a time when he needed a lacky – and that is how we percieve you. Most people say the EXACT same thing about you when the RBS comes up.

    I just heard you saying how sad it was for us to show ANY glee now that LeQuit lost to Dallas in the finals. You have NO right as the ONLY local media member that embaressed us by being so absolutely GLEEFUL during the entire Tressel situation at OSU. What a joke…

    Keep wearing your Bronco gear, telling us that you are an outsider and how all of our youth is moving out of the area when they turn age 25!!?? Keep lieing about doing the O-H-I-O a few weeks back when the pictures were posted on twitter by coworkers.

    Botton line is that you have ZERO CREDIBILITY with us, the people that should matter to your station! You said on Mike & Mike representing US Cleveland fans, that we were all “over LeQuit” leaving while a Plain Dealer poll the same day said 81% of us were NOT over it!? Back in the day, Rizzo worked at 1420WHK,” the voice of the fan”: compared to that station and it’s great legacy, YOU, in particular, are a disgrace. Keep hanging up on callers, dissing your stations CORE listener base and ya gotta hope nobody CAVES your dome in. Remember when a Browns fan yelled at you a little at the Galleria in the food court at a remote prior to a Brown’s game and you practically peed your pants?!

    I don’t care who’s comments end up on ESPN…just NOT Swirly-boys please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people with REAL opinions and logical takes are not going to waste their time on hold while Aaron talks about which moisturiser he uses ,leaves them on hold and hangs up on most of them anyway.

    Re-invent yourself sooner than later or LEAVE!!!

  2. I don’t know why people are saying that Cleveland fans have gone overboard after the Mavs won. I saw no one storming the streets, I saw no Finals parties, I saw one ESPN report where they were at a downtown bar and I saw no one hugging won another or confetti falling. Locals supported something on twitter called cavsformavs to show support to Dallas and the hopes that James wouldn’t get his title this year. You can’t fault the fans for following that movement yet ask the fans to support “beards for bron”

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