Savor The Moment

By Dave DeNatale

So how does everyone feel on this Monday?  I know it’s crazy, but I actually tweeted last night that the Dallas Mavericks NBA championship might go down as one of the top 5 CLEVELAND sports moments of my life.  Seriously.  That’s how good I feel. 

Understand that at some point in the next few hours, days, and weeks, you’ll hear a lot of people around the nation utter something like this:  “OK, Cleveland…LeBron lost the title, you can get over it now!”

And understand, you’ll have every right to tell them all to shove it.

Do not, do not, DO NOT let anyone tell you how to feel on the heels of LeBurnout.  Especially not any of my brethren in the media who routinely stick it to Cleveland.

Get over The Decision…when you’re ready.  Move on…when you feel like it.  Celebrate if you care to.

 Consider that in the past 12 months, we’ve all witnessed the following joyful moments in Cleveland sports:

            –The Decision and that stupid WWE-style introductory press conference that now seems so laughable given the Heat’s collapse in the Finals.

            –Another year of bad Browns football resulting in yet another coaching change

            –The Cavaliers sinking to the bottom of the NBA, with a record 26-game losing streak

            –Bad Indians baseball, both last summer, and in the last three weeks

            –And oh by the way, a scandal at Ohio State that’s caused the resignation of Jim Tressel, the departure of Terrelle Pryor, and likely program-changing penalties on the way.

So please, don’t buy into the “okay, you can get over it now,” story that you’re bound to be fed this week. 

Sunday night was our chance to feel good for a change.   To rally behind a team that we so wanted the Cavaliers to become.  A team that had a superstar that stayed with his team long-term, through coaching changes, personnel changes, etc.  A team that bought into their coach’s style and bought into changing roles for the betterment of the whole. 

At some point, we’ll be reminded that the Cavaliers still have a long way to go to make good on Dan Gilbert’s promise of winning a title before the Miami Frankensteins do. 

But right now, I choose to be spoiled.  Excuse me while I go order my Mavaliers gear!

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  2. It would be a lot easier to savor without Chris Fedor acting like LeQuit still did okay and was not really a problem. Fedor: -24 points in the game yesterday with your boy on the floor!!! How about LeQuit averaging 2.2 points in the 4th quarter for the series??!! Stick with him, Negative Ned! There is not one thing or another, but rather many shades in between. I called Mav’s in 6 and have the tweets to prove it prior to the series starting. Rizzo saying EVERYONE picked the HEAT is wrong…wake up, Rizzo. Any day now would be good.

  3. As usual Aaron (proud of getting Swirlied in high school and we wonder why he hates everyone) is way off base and sayinmg that all of the natiuonal media was laughing at us after the Mav’s won the championship last night! I was listening to a TON of that last night and there was barely any of the mocking of Cleveland going on! Nobody said a parade was going to happen, Aaron!

    Aaron picking on US Cleveland fans for showing a bit of glee on LeQuit losing??!! Aaron showed MORE glee then ANYONE when Tressel went down in local media and he knows it!!!!! He just said he was an outsider (Aaron)…let’sALL remember that – hear that advertisers that might use him. Firstly, why would you use him? Listen to that nasally, “Peter Brady’s balls have not dropped yet” voice!!!

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